Wyoming: First Independent Gubernatorial Candidate in 52 Years Endorsed by Constitution Party


From Wyoming News:

Cheyenne rancher and retired surgeon Taylor Haynes is confident that his name will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot as an independent candidate for Wyoming governor.

Haynes planned to turn in a petition with nearly 7,000 signatures Monday. He needs 4,988 names to meet the requirements for an independent nomination. . . . He added that as governor, he would work to uphold the Constitution and Wyoming’s constitutional authority. The candidate also was endorsed by the state’s newly formed Constitution Party.

From Ballot Access News:

If he has enough valid signatures, he will be the first independent gubernatorial candidate on the Wyoming ballot since 1958.  See this story.

6 thoughts on “Wyoming: First Independent Gubernatorial Candidate in 52 Years Endorsed by Constitution Party

  1. Don Wills

    Taylor Haynes would have been the Constitution Party’s gubernatorial candidate if the CP would have submitted enough signatures for ballot access. After that petition drive failed, Taylor Haynes decided to attempt to get on the ballot as an independent. He submitted about 6,000 signatures last Monday. The Secretary of State will announce the result of their review of those signatures next Monday.

    Libertarian Mike Wheeler is WYLP gubernatorial candidate.

  2. Don Wills

    The Casper Star Tribune reports that the Wyoming Secretary of State’s office has announced that Taylor Hanes only submitted 4,400 signatures which is less than the required amount so that they won’t even bother validating the signatures, and Taylor Hanes will not be on the November ballot.

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  4. Frank Smith

    Reports and conversation with Dr. Haynes reveal he intends to continue his campaign as a Write in candidate.
    This is tilting at windmills and squandering his political capitol.
    The only choice in the Wyo Governor’s race is Mike Wheeler, he will have Tea Party support from the South for sure.
    Good luck and call in the talk shows, Mike!

    Frank, Cheyenne

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