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Arizona: 4-way U.S. Senate candidates’ debate set for Sept. 26

Posted at Libertarian Party blog by David Nolan:

KTVK-3TV in Phoenix has scheduled a debate that will include all four of Arizona’s ballot-qualified U.S. Senate candidates: John McCain, Rodney Glassman, (Green -p) Jerry Joslyn and myself. It will run without commercial interruption from 6pm to 7pm on Sunday, Sept. 26. This is most likely the only debate that McCain will agree to participate in. If all goes well, the debate will significantly increase awareness of my campaign and could boost my standing in any polls that are taken.

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  1. Joan E. Dowlin: The Disturbing, Changing Role of the Media
    16 hours ago

    …….. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer gave what everyone considered a disastrous debate performance last week and yet she holds a huge lead over her Democratic opponent, Terry Goddard, son of former Governor Sam Goddard. [Lake: corrupt insular thug, may he sit on a cactus!]

    A few years ago she would have been done in by her brain freeze. …………. Full Article at Huffington Post

  2. paulie paulie September 13, 2010

    I’m part Mongolian. We’re known for inventing the clusterfuck 🙂

  3. pete healey pete healey September 13, 2010

    Love a 4-way, don’t you?

  4. Erik G. Erik G. September 13, 2010

    Go David!

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