Chicago Progressive Democrats of America endorse Green Jeremy Karpen for state rep.

You can see Karpen’s page on the PDA website, and the following is from the Karpen campaign:

Calling Jeremy an “advocate for Single Payer health care” and proclaiming that he will be “the progressive voice in the Illinois General Assembly,” the Chicago Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) announced their support of Jeremy’s campaign this week.

“This is fantastic news,” said Jeremy. “The progressive movement in Illinois has been taken for granted by the Democratic Party. I think it takes a lot of courage and principled commitment to the movement for Chicago PDA to look beyond party labels and support a Green.”

“My team and I have been going door-to-door six days a week for 4 months now. So far, we’ve knocked on 4500 doors and met with 1500 voters in the community.”

“This campaign isn’t about connections and big money. It’s about people coming together to break the corruption in Chicago and deadlock in Springfield. Regular people can run for office and win.”

“I hope the support of PDA encourages more progressives to come and lend a hand regardless of political affiliation.”

4 thoughts on “Chicago Progressive Democrats of America endorse Green Jeremy Karpen for state rep.

  1. Upstartgreen

    Wow it looks like the PDA in Chicago is really progressive. Unfortunately the PDA in Michigan is nothing but a cheerleading group for Centrist and Blue Dog Democrats.

  2. Ross Levin Post author

    Well, I think it takes the combination of truly progressive progressives and well-organized Greens to make something like this happen.

  3. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]


    Cristina Silva, Associated Press Writer – Sun September 26, 2:25 pm ET, LAS VEGAS –

    Rep. Dina Titus has been a loyal soldier in pushing the Democrats’ ambitious agenda, voting for health care legislation, extended unemployment benefits, new energy taxes and a repeal of the military’s ban on gays serving openly.

    Her campaign signs, however, proclaim Titus an “independent voice” for Nevadans.

    Aware that their stock has taken the same tumble as home values, Congress’ most vulnerable Democrats are declaring their independence from their party’s agenda in Facebook profiles, television advertisements, news interviews and campaign websites leading up to the Nov. 2 election.

    That’s when Republicans hope to retake control of the House they lost four years ago.

    The rebranders include Democratic Reps. Betsy Markey and John Salazar in Colorado, Zack Space in Ohio, Jason Altmire in Pennsylvania, Glenn Nye in Virginia and Joe Donnelly in Indiana.

    In Texas, Rep. Chet Edwards, once promoted as a potential running mate for Barack Obama, has become a vocal critic of his party’s policies.

    *know the enemy, know the enemy*

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