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Gail ‘for Rail’ Parker, the Indy Greens of Virginia’s 1st CD candidate, on IPR Radio tonight at 8 PM

Submit any questions you might have in the comments or call into the live show at 646-200-0264 (you can also listen that way).  Listen at IPR’s blogtalkradio channel.

Here is the announcement for this show.

The show will be archived so you can listen to it after the live broadcast, as well.


  1. Green Party candidates Green Party candidates September 20, 2010


    Thank you.

    1. It has been reported that China is spending about $1 Trillion dollars to invest in building Rail of all kinds: High Speed Rail, Light Rail, Traditional Rail, Subway Rail, Heavy Rail.

    That compares to the United States investment of about $3 billion in rail.

    Is building Rail a matter of saving lives, creating Green Jobs, cutting dependence on foreign oil in half, preventing future oil wars, and growing American Green Rail manufacturing industry?

    Gail for Rail Parker is a disciplined, and dedicated campaigner for the Independent Greens of Virginia.

    She is joined by a full slate of Independent Green Party endorsed/nominated candidates for congress in each of Virginia’s 11 districts.

    1) Gail for Rail Parker
    2) Retired Navy Captain Kenny Golden
    3) Retired U.S. Air Force veteran, and elected 3rd Congressional District Chairman John D. Kelly.
    4) Janet Murphy, Realtor, businesswoman, Mother
    5) Jeff Clark, elected 5th congressional district Independent Green Chairman, and U.S. Army Veteran
    6) Jeff Vanke, centrist, Harvard PhD
    7) Floyd Bayne, businessman, conservative
    8) Ron Fisher, retired Navy Captain
    9) Jeremiah Heaton, businessman, husband, father, U.S. Army veteran
    10) Bill Redpath, Accountant
    11) David William Gillis Jr. Realtor


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