Green Jesse Johnson picks up major Democratic endorsement in WV US Senate race

After losing the race to represent the Democrats in a special US Senate election, former Democratic politician (and arguably, institution as far as West Virginia is concerned) Ken Hechler has endorsed Jesse Johnson. Johnson is the nominee for US Senate of the Mountain Party, West Virginia’s affiliate of the Green Party.

Salon describes Hechler and his motivation for, at 95, running for Senate:

In his 95 years, Ken Hechler has recorded history from the front lines in World War II, debriefed Hitler’s top commanders before the Nuremberg Trials, advised Harry Truman, marched with Martin Luther King, published several books, been the subject of a documentary, and — somewhere between all of this — served nine terms in Congress and four as West Virginia’s secretary of state…

You say that you aren’t running anyone and that you want to use this race to raise awareness of mountaintop removal from strip mining. Why single out this issue?

I’m not really running for the Senate, I’m running to enable the people of West Virginia to register at the polls their opposition to this devastating practice, which hurts so many people in the valleys when they dump the rocks in the soil and all the things that they’re blasting out of the mountains into people’s front yards.

Hechler received about 17 percent of the vote in the primary. Now Johnson is the only candidate in the race who opposes mountaintop removal, a situation he was also in when he ran for governor in 2008.

The following video was posted on the front page of Johnson’s website:

From the Sunday Gazette-Mail:

“People were voting not against mountaintop removal, but were actually voting against my age of 95,” he said.

Johnson doesn’t have that “handicap,” Hechler said.

“He’s 51 years old,” Hechler said as he introduced Johnson, who also opposes mountaintop removal. “Compare that with a 95-year-old, and you’ll see why you’re going to have a huge outpouring of support for Jesse Johnson.”

Johnson has previously run for governor, U.S Senate and president. He said he would run a grass-roots campaign and stand up to rich and powerful interests.

“It’s time for business as usual to be over,” he said.

10 thoughts on “Green Jesse Johnson picks up major Democratic endorsement in WV US Senate race

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    Ahhh suddenly the reason for Jesse Johnson attacking Ralph Nader when he (Johnson) was running for GP candidate for president becomes crystal clear.

    I had given Jesse a $25 check for his campaign before I seen him do this. I have since repeatedly asked for my money back.

    Never have gotten an answer on this one.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN


    Getting support from a local Democrat.

    You see, Democrats are anti-democratic. My mother (RIP) taught me one very valuable leaason. Show me your friends and I will show you what you are.

    Ma was right. I actually watched Jesse Johnson use his “campaign” for president as a platform to attack Ralph Nader.

    He did it at the Global Market in Minneapolis. I do not doubt for even a second that he did it elsewhere.

    I have never had the $25 returned from his campaign. I had wrote it and sent it before he did this.

    Bottom line, the Green Party has been infiltrated by the Dumbocrats.

    It is why I left them. Oh and GP Conservative will be unable to spin this one.

  3. Ross Levin Post author

    I don’t agree with you on this one. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting support from a Democrat. There are plenty of decent people who are Democrats. These two men have common cause over mountaintop removal, so it makes sense.

    Thanks very much for that email tonight, btw. Hugh’s really a good guy.

  4. Erik G.

    I would agree that the Green Party has been largely infiltrated by the Democrats, but I wouldn’t go so far as to reject someone for accepting a Democratic Party member’s endorsement.

  5. Michael Cavlan RN

    Audrey AAKA VA Green.

    That is the issue dear.

    No Democrat would ever endorse me. Instead they attack me.

    Just like some Greens that I know.

  6. Nancy B. Lovell

    Jesse is making headway in the percentages and without the spending that the Demo’s and the Republicans have. This must tell you something. People are fed up with the political money/power wheel. Jesse is positive and concerned, plus he knows his history and the Constitution! We need this. Also, there are Republicans behind Jesse… I for one. With Jesse, it is what he stands for that counts, not the party afficilation… remember it is the man and values, not the “party”. He is uniquely free to support the Constitution and what is best for the people of WV without the control factors that usual political runners have.

  7. derptyderp

    People conveniently forget that, in 2004, Jesse Johnson attacked Ralph Nader and said third parties should not run in close elections.

    Johnson is a fraud with little more to his resume than a soft-core erotic film on Skinemax.

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