Jake Towne campaign: ‘Remembering 9/11’

Sent via facebook on 9/11/10 from the Campaign of Jake Towne, independent libertarian for US House (PA-15):

Today is the ninth anniversary of a tragic day in American history. For all the turmoil, mourning, and strife, not much has come from the invasion of Afghanistan and the subsequent occupation of Iraq. Osama Bin Laden, the self-proclaimed master mind behind the attacks on 9/11, is either dead or in hiding somewhere in Pakistan. It was a disgusting, cowardly act against a large civilian population that has led our country to where it is today – but we must remember that the motivation used to recruit more anti-American sentiment comes from our endless meddling in Middle Eastern affairs.

Osama Bin Laden was trained and funded by the U.S. to fight the Soviets and Saddam Hussein was trained and installed by the U.S. in Iraq. Both acts have had far-reaching consequences for our country and yet we seem not to learn from these affairs. Although “combat troops” have begun to be withdrawn from Iraq there is no evidence of an actual end to this war. It is likely that 50,000 or more troops will stay indefinitely continuing the cycle of occupation that has befallen us with Germany, Japan, Korea and many other countries.

Our government is now building up the war in Afghanistan, a war that almost certainly cannot be won. Afghanistan has been the grave of many empires – a county which has NEVER been conquered by an outside force. President Karzai has declared that U.S. involvement will be needed in Afghanistan for at least another 10 years! At the same time our economy is in ruins and will only get worse unless we rein in spending and big government on a wide scale. The “hope and change” that was promised to the American people has proven to be nothing more than fuzzy rhetoric.

2010 could prove to be the most pivotal election year in American history. If the unconstitutional wars continue, if the occupations and nation-building missions do not end, if the military-industrial complex and growth of the state continue, there will surely be no return to liberty and freedom in America. Our founders were very wise in pursuing peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all, entangling alliances with none. We, the people, have allowed our government to shred the Constitution, our only protection from tyrannical government. We have allowed them to pillage our wealth and violate our liberties and freedoms. We must end the notion that the government is a benevolent master – if we are to have peace and prosperity we must again force it to be a fearful servant to the people.

The establishment candidates who support endless war and more and more spending are running scared right now. They are scared because they see that ordinary people like Jake Towne are gaining massive amounts of support for their “radical” ideas of peace, liberty, and Constitutional limits. Jake has made public his position on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and will not back down to these career politicians who do not even give positions on the most important issues. For these it is politics as usual and they are hoping once again to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

Iraq: http://towneforcongress.com/platform-issues/iraq-war/

Afghanistan: http://towneforcongress.com/platform-issues/afghanistan-war/

Veterans: http://towneforcongress.com/platform-issues/our-veterans/

We must not allow a great tragedy in American history become an even greater tragedy – the complete loss of liberty and freedom and the collapse of our fragile economy. Now is the time to join together to bring peace, liberty, and prosperity back to America. Please consider supporting Jake Towne in any way you can. Visit http://www.towneforcongress.com/ to find out more and to voice your opinion on the issues and remember to cast your vote for freedom and Constitutional government on November 2, 2010.

Be free,

Aaron Emery
Volunteer Campaign Advisor and Administrator, Towne for Congress

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