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James Libertarian Burns expounds on his idea for defeating Harry Reid

From: Jim Burns, a Libertarian for President 2012

Dear Paul,

The only candidates who have any money to speak of in
the US Senate race in Nevada are Reid and Angle. Reid has
3 or 4 times more money plus union and other national support,
but Angle as changed her approach (a better campaign) and since
Reid is hated by many people here, therefore, unless something
changes, the race will be very close.

Sharron Angle is not a libertarian and I would not give her campaign
any money nor would I work for her. She is a conservative. However,
she has spoken for privatization of Social Security and Medicare. She
is ok on guns. She says she wants to eliminate the Energy Department,
the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Department of Education.

Without the “leadership” of Harry Reid we would not have the almost
trillion dollars of so called stimulus. Angle would have voted against it
and in so doing would have stopped it: The same for the bail-outs and
buy-outs of banks, investors, and car companies.

Reid is the arrogant architect of the “health care program”: “ObamaCare.”
He got that program on under the table and behind closed doors in despic-
able ways. Sharron Angle is a conservative but she is not the dishonest
persons that Reid is. Reid entered office poor. He is now rich.

Harry Reid is the Majority Leader of the United States Senate.
If Angle is elected she would be the junior Senator from Nevada
with little power to cause us harm. Angle is the Tea Party candidate.

If postcards are sent to only registered democrat voters
asking them to vote for a candidate from a minor party,
some, not many of them will do so, but to be successful,
we need to persuade a small percentage of these voters
to vote for a minor party candidate who is on the ballot:
These are votes that would have gone to Reid, therefore,
reducing his vote total. I have designed such a postcard.

How about an experiment? With your permission, I send
you 8 ready to go postcards. When you get the cards show
them to anyone you come across that does not like Reid and
tell them what the cards can do. See if you can sell any of the
cards for $.65 each or more, I think that a reasonable price is
$.75 each. See if anyone (your LP group or anyone who does
not like Reid) likes the idea, see if they can and want to sell the
cards. See if you can make a profit, even if it is small, it is for a
good cause. You could use the profit for any campaign or
anything else. Since there is no limit on how many postcards
a person may buy, I would point out that if you found just one rich
person to buy the cards, your efforts could be worth your time.

I ask two more things. 1. That you mail the cards on or before
October 9th and, 2. That when you put the cards in the mail, you tell
yourself that you are doing a good thing and see if it makes you
feel better. If you do feel better send me my cost of $4.50. If not
no harm no foul, and forget it

Send me your US mailing address and I’ll send you the postcards.


Jim Burns
PO Box 1139
Beatty, NV 89003

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    @1 lol, good one

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