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Libertarian Travis Irvine takes on Columbus Dispatch for exclusionary policies and coverage

Columbus, OH – September 1, 2010 – Libertarian candidate Travis Irvine was excluded from a private editorial board meeting concerning the U.S. Congressional race in Ohio’s 12th District, which was held by various staff of The Columbus Dispatch and included Republican Rep. Pat Tiberi and Democrat challenger Paula Brooks on Monday. Irvine was never told of the meeting and was not even mentioned in an article about the event featured in the Dispatch yesterday.

The article can be read here.

Up until this point, several Dispatch reporters have been relatively good about including Irvine in articles about the 12th’s competitive race. However, when Irvine went to the Dispatch building yesterday to look into the situation, he was told by Dispatch editors that including third parties would be “a logistical difficulty,” and Dispatch editor Ben Marrison said it would be “too crazy.”

The Irvine for Congress campaign documented the experience to highlight the struggle of third party campaigns and has released the web video today entitled, “The Columbus Disspatch.”

The video:

“As newspapers such as the Dispatch see their circulation go down each year, one has to wonder if this decline is due to these institutions being stuck in an old way of doing things,” Irvine said.

On the other hand, the rising publication 614 Magazine has published a two-page article on Irvine’s campaign that is featured prominently in September’s issue, which was released today. 614 Magazine is a free publication that ships 25,000 copies to various locations around town.

Read the article here:

The Irvine for Congress campaign will still hold its first free grassroots tour event tonight in Licking County at Brews Café in Granville at 8 PM. Brews is located at 116 E. Broadway.

To learn more about the Irvine for Congress campaign, go to


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  1. Steven R Linnabary Steven R Linnabary September 2, 2010

    Somebody a long time ago said something to the effect “You shouldn’t get in an argument with somebody that buys ink by the barrel”. Probably Mark Twain.


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