Tancredo Out Raises Maes in CO Gubernatorial Race

The Constitution Party website has the following news.

Anemic fundraising, ongoing problems with campaign-finance violations and loss of support from key party members continue to plague Republican gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes.

Maes this week reported that he raised $50,201 in August. While it was the campaign’s best fundraising month to date, third-party candidate Tom Tancredo raised nearly four times as much — $198,820 — and Democrat John Hickenlooper collected eight times Maes’ August figure, just over $411,000, bringing his total contributions for the campaign to more than $2.7 million.


11 thoughts on “Tancredo Out Raises Maes in CO Gubernatorial Race

  1. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    String connector, campaign director Bitch Bay Buchanan, unindicted co conspirator ……..


    [rouge ‘action group’ ……..]

    Reform Party USA – Action Group Newsletter ~ Vol.8, No.14 [231st Edition]

    20 SEPTEMBER 2010 ~



    “Reporting what others think…but won’t say publicly!”



    It seems that every two decades or so, a “Movement” begins to take hold within America, then the “movement” stutters and falls as has the RPUSA in the last decade or so for lack of talent & funds! [Lake: and or ethics]

    ……….. although Perot “talked” about a “Reform Movement”, he actually declared himself an “independent” and refused to engage in any type of permanent alternative political movement …….

    ……… in fact used his short “political career” as a mere stepping stone for massive government defense contracts and in the end – stabbed the Reform Party USA in the back by returning to the Republican Party.

    ……… [Patrick] Buchanan “promised” to work within the RPUSA for no less than five (5) years PRIOR to getting the party nomination in 2000

    – but once he got the $13.5M in FEC funding – he too returned to the Republican Party the day after the 2000 elections. [$12.5M ???]

    Thus no one can trust what these types say – only what these kinds of charlatans do – and then we wonder why we keep losing Our Freedoms/Bill of Rights & National Sovereignty!

  2. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    besides, I was merely quoting Jerry Heinnamine / reform party ‘action group’ ………. that’s all!

    Say, when are you going to ‘get over’ Ambassador Alan Keyes?

    When are you, Trent Hill, and paulie going to start to be more ‘fair and balanced’ to the new and improved, the official, the less crazy, California American Independent Party?

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    Don, there was no corruption. The “corruption” was on the part of Perot who promised Buchanan his support and then chickened out and stabbed him in the back. Buchanan won the nomination fair and square because his troops showed up in greater number. That Perot was willing to turn his party over to a TM flake because he was afraid of the “taint” of Buchanan is the real scandal.

  4. RedPhillips Post author

    “Say, when are you going to ‘get over’ Ambassador Alan Keyes?”

    I’m over Alan Keyes. He was beaten fair and square. Had he won I would not have voted for him and likely would have written off the CP, but I wouldn’t be crying in my beer about how the party was wronged. I would be bemoaning the fact that the party compromised for the sake of temporary gain.

  5. paulie

    Lake has a Californiacentric perspective, so he probably means the unique case of California, where Keyes was on the ballot and Baldwin wasn’t – unlike the dozens of other states where it was the other way around.

    Hint to DL: most of us do not live in California.

  6. Cody Quirk

    And if all those disgusting comments attacking Nightingale, we know for sure that the ‘Keyes faction’ of the AIP is perverted & warped to the core!

    No wonder why you guys barely have any candidates running or a good size turnout at your ‘convention’ that you recently held.

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