Tom Tancredo: It’s a Two-man Race

Tom Tancredo’s campaign sends the following along:

Dear Conservative,

You and I can prove this is a two-man race once and for all.

My campaign’s deadline for our next filing period ends tomorrow evening and I need your help today.

The last finance report showed what we already knew: there are only 2 real candidates in this race.

And just this morning, Rasmussen reported their latest poll showing my campaign firmly ahead of Dan Maes, as he continues to hemorrhage supporters.

Now it’s time to drive that point home.

Last time I asked, you answered the call and we raised over $200,000. Now, I’m asking you again to help us reach the $300,000 mark by tomorrow evening.

Can you contribute $10, $20, or even $50 before the September 15th deadline?

Recently, you may have read about the dozens of Republican leaders willing to stand by my side as the Maes campaign flails.

Day after embarrassing day, the Maes campaign trips through yet another scandal.

Did Maes take a large cash donation from Freda Poundstone and refuse to report it, or did she loan it to him to pay his mortgage?

Did Maes get too close to city officials in an undercover police investigation, or has he just watched Serpico too many times?

Did his Treasurer resign because his commute was too difficult or because Maes was forced to pay the highest campaign fine in the history of the state?

There’s nothing I can do to stop the Maes’ campaign train wreck. But maybe you and I can limit the damage to the rest of the conservative cause.

If my financial report can prove that this race is between liberal Sanctuary-city Mayor John Hickenlooper and me, the media may be forced to treat Maes as the true third-party candidate in this race.

Maybe then we can read about real issues in this election instead of this never-ending blooper reel.

But for that to happen, it is absolutely critical that I file another strong report on Thursday.

You see, not everyone believes we’re in this race to win.

So you and I must prove we’re here to stay and are 100% serious in defeating the disastrous policies of my Democrat opponent.

Hickenlooper supports Amnesty and has run a Sanctuary City for 7 years. If he becomes Governor, Colorado will become a sanctuary state!!!

Illegals fleeing states like Arizona are already heading to Colorado and this could only get much worse with Hickenlooper’s Sanctuary State of Colorado.

My candidacy represents the only chance for conservatives to elect a governor who will stand up to the open border Obama Administration and end the flood of illegal immigrants into Colorado.

My candidacy is the only chance to elect a governor who will enforce the rule of law in Colorado.

But I can’t fight this fight on my own.

It is only the support of good conservatives like you that will make it possible for me to win this election.

That is why I need your help today! Please chip in your contribution of $10, $20 or $50 today before my finance deadline on September 15th.

Colorado deserves a governor dedicated to strengthening our economy and ending illegal immigration.

I would be immensely grateful for your financial support in this crucial fight.


Tom Tancredo

P.S. It is time for our state to take a strong stand against illegal immigration. My opponent, John Hickenlooper, is standing hand in hand with Obama’s open border, amnesty policies.

In order to defeat him, we must raise $300,000 by the September 15th filing deadline.

Your contribution of $10, $20 or even $50 will go a long way to help us win this election. Please help out today.

15 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo: It’s a Two-man Race

  1. paulie

    Hickenlooper supports Amnesty and has run a Sanctuary City for 7 years. If he becomes Governor, Colorado will become a sanctuary state!!!

    I sure hope so, although there are other things about a Hickenlooper win I’m far less enthusiastic about, and I do hope Tancredo relegates Maes to “third party” status.

    Tancredo’s also pretty good on the marijuana issue. I’m not sure whether Hickenlooper is as well – Denver has some of the best marijuana policies around, but the city cops have been enforcing state law on recreational use despite the citywide vote, and lately zoning and licensing have been used to shut down a lot of clinics.

  2. paulie

    Why is IPR posting every Tancredo fundraising letter, but not those of other third party, statewide candidates?

    Every IPR writer decides for him or herself what stories to cover. Trent can rule a given story out of bounds after the fact, but rarely does so.

    I asked Red to join IPR because we lost our previous Constitution Party correspondent, and Tancredo’s race is the biggest Constitution Party story right now…as well as one of the biggest in non D/R-oid politics, period.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    I post every Tancredo letter simply because I get every letter. I will likewise post info from other CP and otherwise third party candidates if they send them to me.

  4. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    and my forwarding of Edward Noonan’s protestations on Mount Saint Mary’s College limited debates for United States Senator slot in California?

    ……… I’m just saying ……….. while Trent and Red are no where as juvenile and obnoxious (and expensive) as the Quirk Boy, ‘logic, fairness any one?’

    After TWO YEARS can we not agree that the new, improved California American Independent Party is standing it’s ground and not associated with the national [so called] Constitution Party?

    If the Debra Bowen /California Secretary of State situation is sooooooooooo odious then why not a peep about Bowen’s predecessor concerning the Peace and Freedom Party and Bowen concerning the Reform Party of California?

    IPR as code for ‘selective enforcement’ and what is merely perceived as ‘fair and balanced’ ? I’m telling ya, from inside and out, the NON CONSTITUTION PARTY AIP of California feels ‘used, abused and not amused’! Sincerely!

    Given the ‘back story’ between myself and Third Party Watch and then IPR, may be Don Lake would not be a great direct ‘commentator’ for IPR, at this time.

    But ………. the need is great and the bar has been set exceeding low: REGISTERED REPUBLICAN Austin Cassidy founder of TPW, REGISTERED REPUBLICAN Steven Gordon, and REGISTERED REPUBLICAN Trent Hill!

    And geographically, Ole Dixie, DEEP Ole South, FLorida, Alabama and Louisiana!

    ……. just saying

    [and until the ugly, ugly presence of Baye Buchanan, I was some what pro Tancredo …….]

  5. '..... just look at the activists ' [Lake]

    Huh? [Nevada compared to California, maybe, baby? What are you typing about?]

    [a] languishing partisan numbers

    [b] failure to stop ‘tea party’ candidate

    [c] injuring IPR

    [d] there ya go ago again, ‘making it up as you go along!’

    [e] In a non fusion state, much of California AIP’s hits are initiated by inappropriate (if not illegal) ‘dual partisans’ like Nightmare Nightingale and Doc Gruntman and Billy Lussenheide

  6. Cody Quirk

    The IAP is running more candidates then any other CP state affiliate in past history, and has been growing month after month- numbers don’t lie on voter registration statistics on the Nevada Secretary of State’s website, you dumb fuck and pathetic excuse of a veteran, I bet you were Dishonorably Discharged- no wonder why none of those clinics would take you in.

    And the Nevada Supreme Court has yet to rule on our appeal over Ashjian.

  7. Cody Quirk

    What’s even sadder is that your convention (the Robinson faction), had less people there then ours in Elko, plus we had Jerome Corsi as a guest speaker.

    Just 2 candidates? Compared to us, you guys really suck!

  8. Andy

    “I’m not sure whether Hickenlooper is as well – Denver has some of the best marijuana policies around, but the city cops have been enforcing state law on recreational use despite the citywide vote, and lately zoning and licensing have been used to shut down a lot of clinics.”

    I recall Mason Tvert of SAFER ( ) saying that Hickenlooper is not good on marijuana (from a pro-liberty perspective).

  9. Catholic Trotskyist

    Don, the Senate debate was at Saint Mary’s College in Moraga, not Mount Saint Mary’s. And would you be interested in that protest if the Nightengale/Grundman faction had won the Senate primary also?

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