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Cleveland city councilor switches registration from Democrat to Green

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins, who came into office as a Democrat, recently sent a letter to the party canceling his membership. He voted a Green Party ballot in the September primary for Cuyahoga County Council. Cummins had been a Columbus Green Party organizer before coming to Cleveland. This election was the first locally where a Green ballot could be requested…

Now, all Cleveland City Council members are Dems and they have a pact never to run another Democrat against a Democratic incumbent. Cummins, in losing the D, just lost that protection and put a big political target on his back for the next election…

“Council seats are nonpartisan elections anyway, and people vote for people who can do the job.”

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  1. Vaughn Vaughn October 18, 2010

    Brian received the endorsement of the Green Party of Ohio in 2009 for his re-election, before the party had status.

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