Florida: Khavari Campaign “Launches Radio War on (Economic) Terror”

Farid Khavari, independent candidate for governor of Florida, began airing his campaign’s first radio ads today:

The campaign issued a press release to accompany the ad, as follows:


“Rick Scott’s company stole over a billion dollars from taxpayers,” a female voice says from the speaker of a radio somewhere in Florida, “and Alex Sink ran our state pension system into the ground. Talk about a couple of economic terrorists!”

That’s the takeaway message of the new radio ad from independent gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari. The lead-in is an assurance that he’s not a terrorist himself. The ad begins running on a pair of Jacksonville’s most popular talk stations, including WBOB 600 AM, which began airing it today. The campaign is planning media buys in other markets between now and Election Day.

Khavari, the author of nine books, is the only independent or minor party candidate for governor running radio ads in the seven-candidate field.

“When people hear a name that sounds Middle Eastern, be it Arab or Persian, it’s natural for them to entertain certain thoughts,” says Khavari, 67, of Miami. “Is he an Islamist? Is he a Ba’athist? How could he really be an American? So I decided to go there, and once you’re there you might as well use one point to make another.”

Khavari, as the ad points out, has lived in America for more than 30 years. His father, a leader in the persecuted Baha’i faith, was murdered by the Khomeini regime in 1980 for refusing to renounce his religion. The Islamic regime then confiscated his family’s home and properties in Iran.

Khavari earned his Doctorate in Economics from Germany’s University of Bremen and is running for governor on the basis of his qualifications and his plan to produce an economic turnaround in Florida. “Scott and Sink built their careers on finding ways to milk the taxpayer dry,” he says. “I built my career on finding ways to create sustainable policies that raise everyone’s standard of living.”

Those policies, outlined in his book “Towards A Zero-Cost Economy” (available as a free download from his campaign web site) center around the Citizens United Financial Institution, the state bank Khavari wants to create. “The worldwide banking collapse should be a wake-up call for Florida,” he says. “We can no longer afford to entrust home ownership, education and business formation to an industry premised on parasitism, fly-by-night profit-taking and a bailout-seeking ethos. The people need to own the financial institutions they depend on.”

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  1. Thomas L. Knapp


    1) What makes you think Darcy isn’t already aware of PLAS? [He is]

    2) What makes you think I “talk Darcy into trying” things? [I don’t — I occasionally offer suggestions, and one of those has been to consider PLAS]

    3) What makes you think that it’s Darcy’s decision anyway? [He’s half of a ticket, and not the top half]

  2. Thomas L. Knapp

    Daniel @4,


    I see Allen claiming that endorsement, but can’t find it at the Florida LP’s site. Do you have a link to a source other than Allen himself on the subject?

    While Allen isn’t the one I’d pick to test Milnes’s PLAS strategy, a reasonable case could be made that he’s an authentic PLAS candidate:

    – The LP has endorsed him and is not running against him.

    – He has ballot access on a party ticket.

    – He supports enough “progressive” issues deviations from the LP platform (he calls for socialized health care, a “social safety net,” vigorous antitrust enforcement, “public works” to prime the employment pump, etc.) for his candidacy to be a valid test of whether PLAS can bridge the LP-“progressive” gap.

    The only way in which he doesn’t meet Milnes’s PLAS standard, so far as I can tell, is that he hasn’t called a “press conference” so that he can utter the magic words to an empty room. No doubt Milnes will blame his loss on that.

  3. Robert Milnes

    Tom, Allen would be acceptable as an ndependent PLAS candidate.
    But the real test is not my acceptance but whoever first calls that press conference.
    Having 2 possible pre-press conference tickets is fine. Just puts more competition in play.

  4. Robert Milnes

    paulie. LOL!
    Hey,I ‘dbe wlling to put a diaper on my head & stuff playboy pages in my computer etc in the chance of winding up with Kelly LeBrock…or a close plurality victory.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp


    OK, please explain your fixation on “press conferences.”

    Do you know what one is? What its function is? What it accomplishes? Have you ever held one?

    Hint: The next time I see a press conference significantly affect the outcome of an election will be the first time.

  6. Robert Milnes

    No, I have never held one.
    The idea is to educate the voters about PLAS>bump polling>educate the voters-about the bump in polling>bump polling>update voters about PLAS & bump in polling>etc.

  7. Robert Milnes

    BTW, it looks more like a bra on their head, not a diaper. OK.
    I have a metal flagpole about 20′ high bolted to the front of my trailer-left by previous tenants. Good lightning rod? Lead 8 gauge ? wire to ? Computer? Bolts on Kelly doll? Neck?
    Ethernet wire connecting computer & doll?
    Step by step, please.

  8. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:



    A press conference is a place to make big announcements and take questions.

    An announcement is only big if the press thinks it’s big.

    The press doesn’t think that an otherwise unknown candidate wanting to use them to “educate the voters,” i.e. ask for their votes, is news, let alone big news.

    You don’t schedule a press conference unless you’re announcing that you’ve done, or are about to do, something substantial/newsworthy — or at least you don’t do so if you want any reporters to actually attend and turn the thing into a newspaper, television, radio or Internet story. If you’re just trying to launder some campaign money by renting the hall from your brother or something, knock yourself out.

    A “PLAS news conference,” to be successful, would have to include something like the following:

    – Endorsement from a prominent public figure (who’s there to actually/personally make the endorsement in front of the press).

    – Screening of a set of ads about to hit the airwaves (with info about how much money you’re spending, how many stations it will air on, etc.).

    – The first public Q&A featuring your opponent’s pregnant transsexual extramarital lover whose previous partner your opponent used public funds to pay for the murder of.

    Announcing that you’d like votes from adherents of two different ideologies isn’t “news.” The press doesn’t care what you want. They care what you’re doing. If you’re doing nothing, not even free whiskey and donuts is going to get them to your “press conference.”

  9. Robert Milnes

    Tom, ok. You conduct the press conference.
    Get some celebrity to endorse Darcy OR Allen. Only one PLAS candidate per ballot-let them know so they don’t think I volunteered to help BOTH! Who? Run through that list of libertarian celebs. Penn & Teller, Stossel etc. Hey, maybe Jesse Ventura will parachute in!
    Then get The Nolan, Whitney & any others to attend press conference.
    Announce you expect to WIN!
    Or, if you don’t have the balls, I’ll do it.
    I’d rather not go all the way to Florida, so how about Washington, DC?
    & I’d like to see Richard there too.

  10. Austin

    @paulie – I was just trying to steer it back onto the ad and Khavari campaign and away from PLAS-a-palooza…

  11. Robert Milnes

    Tom, oh, I just thought you could see that your bud Darcy is swirling in the bowl kinda like just about all the others & maybe thinking about helping him out along with just about all the others. you know, make some phone calls to like maybe your bud Nolan etc. & try calling a joint press conference which a few others might attend like Whitney & Penn & Teller to kind of rescue them.
    But hey, if you aren’t interested in trying to help your buds…
    & Teller to ki

  12. paulie

    I was just trying to steer it back onto the ad and Khavari campaign and away from PLAS-a-palooza…

    Good idea. I was trying to help.

  13. Robert Milnes

    I’m thinking joint press conference in Washington asap.
    Kinda like an emergency swirling in the bowl help press conference.
    Just tell me all the LP & GP & independents like Darcy are doing fine & don’t need any help.
    & we would be out of line to take it upon ourselves to try.

  14. paulie

    This theme is pretty good too. It will be a post at some point today, but in the meantime…

    19 October 2010


    George Orwell was seen alive and well working at WXYZ-TV/Channel 7. Orwell, thought to be dead years ago, is the new director of the TV station’s “Democracy 2010” project. Orwell, famous for inventing catchy phrases that disguise their true meaning, called Newspeak, took credit for naming the series “Democracy 2010.”

    He said his primary task at WXYZ’s Democracy 2010 is to suppress all references to third party candidates. “Whenever I see the words Green Party or Libertarians I just chuck ’em down the memory hole,” Orwell said.

    “For example, none of the “Democracy 2010” video interviews include third party candidates and the “Complete Voter Guide” only has information about Democrats and Republicans,” said Orwell. “I insisted on using the word ‘complete,'” said Orwell, grinning.

    He also admitted to secretly working with Democrats and Republicans for years. He claimed credit for naming the Patriot act, No Child Left Behind, and the words “free trade” as in NAFTA.

    Chuck Stokes, editorial/public affairs director for WXYZ-TV/Channel 7, had no comment on the Orwell’s employment status. Stokes denied any censorship at WXYZ and claimed his TV station had, “recently installed a new computer program that automatically deletes all references to so-called third parties.”

    “I heard people refer to the Democrats and Republicans as two wings of the same bird,” Stokes said, “but all that talk is downright Un-American and wont be tolerated at my station. Besides, we talk about the Tea Party all the time and they’re a kind of third Party. There’s no censorship at WXYZ.”

    Paraphrasing Henry Ford he said, “People can vote for anyone they want as long as it’s a Democrat or Republican.”

    See WXYZ-TV candidate bios and videos here: http://www.wxyz.com/subindex/news/political/elections_local

    # # # #

    Green Party Congressional Candidate for 13th District, Michigan


  15. Robert Milnes

    So Austin what’s your name, when you said that’s a creative ad @19, you were lying? or just saying that to change the subject-AWAY from PLAS? now why would you want to do that? Who you working for, Austin shit ass? The FBI? GOP?

  16. Thomas L. Knapp

    “I’m thinking joint press conference in Washington asap.”

    Why is it that every time you write “I’m thinking,” everything you write after it proves you aren’t?

  17. Robert Milnes

    paulie, you are a dupe.
    Whether the ad is good or not is not the issue. This anonymous austin character wrote a deceptive comment which you fed into instead of calling him/her/it on it.

  18. paulie

    Whether the ad is good or not is not the issue.

    Yes it is. This thread is about this ad, not your delusional fantasies.

    This anonymous austin character

    He’s not anonymous nor is he a “character”. I know exactly who he is.

    wrote a deceptive comment

    Nothing deceptive about it. It is in fact a creative ad.

  19. Robert Milnes

    you are a dupe & you don’t get it.
    Maybe it is creative & maybe it isn’t. That is your opinion. You know who Austin is so he is not anonymous to you. But he is to everybody else who does not have access to ip address. so what? because you know who duped you means you weren’t duped? lol.
    This thread is about this ad. But this IPR is a forum for third party & independent news. In which all sorts of things are happening. Including duping, games, disinformation, spying, propaganda etc.

  20. Robert Milnes

    hey everybody you moron losers, you are about to let the progressive vote go to the reactionary democrats instead of electing progressives & libertarians with libeertarian help.
    & paulie is standing there with his gut hanging out letting it happen.
    It is easier to dog me than to do something about the reactionaries.

  21. NewFederalist

    I’ll bet the mysterious Austin is Austin Powers and he is here to save us from PLAS! Woo Hoo! You go, Austin!

  22. NewFederalist

    BTW… http://www.uselectionatlas.org/

    I suggest Milnes and Ogle go there click on “Forum” and join up. Lots of really fun things to post about and a fantasy politics section you guys should just love. Lots of really smart teen age boys (mostly) who will challenge your goofy ideas. New friends! Go for it.

  23. Austin

    Milnes… I work for the CIA, and I’m hiding in your bushes right now. We have collaborated with your dentist to install a tracking chip in your tooth.

    We’ve been putting chemicals in your food for years. Sometimes I sneak into your house when you’re sleeping and move things around.

    By the way, that shirt looks nice on you.

  24. paulie

    ROFL. Our Mossad team has Milnes on our hidden camera, and he’s not wearing a shirt.

    No wonder you CIA boys are known as “competence is absent.”

  25. Robert Milnes

    paulie, interesting you mention the Mossad.
    Just who the hell are you anyway?
    How come whenever you mention left/right cooperation, GP/LP etc., it is cool. When I do, uncool? I’ve gotten little more than grief from you for years. You are wrong about PLAS plain & simple. You are wrong about me & Deborah Knapp & Ron Paul too. You basically are an asshole as far as I can tell & I’ve given you the benefit of doubt countless times. ENM gave me her observations about you. I STILL gave you slack. You seem to have some sort of clique going on at IPR which disses me & thwarts PLAS. Which really pisses me off. Like I said before, you are an obstacle getting in the way of a possible effort at inclusive progressive movement. That is not a good thing for everybody here. So, who are you anyway? Who you working for? If you are a left libertarian as you say, get with the program. Instead of leading a life of wandering on the edge, you could be an important asset to a successful LP. You are playing keyboard while the ship is sinking. You are not funny. Losing elections unnecessarily is not funny.

  26. Catholic Trotskyist

    NewFederalist, do you want me to join that other Elections forum too? I probably will. Maybe we could even get Don Grundman, Don Lake, Mark Seidenberg, Mike Kavlan and Green Party Conservative there too. But they probably aren’t unmoderated, so that could be a problem.

  27. Catholic Trotskyist

    Robert, Paulie is overall a good person. His advocacy of having an unmoderated forum here, means that, on balance, he does more good than harm.
    But seriously, PLAS really does have a good chance of working. If it’s handled by people who are at all competent, it could start a mass movement. I may have to oppose it once it does win the election because Catholic Trotskyism does have somewhat different goals. But I am thinking that PLAS may be a good vehicle for the Catholic Trotskyist strategy. Obama is trying hard, but he has unfortunately let some Naderite Mossad agents into his inner circle which are thwarting Catholic Trotskyism at every turn.

  28. Robert Milnes

    CT, you do’t understand my situation. Not only do I have to endure paulie’s fool ridicule while the elections are approaching & everybody is wasting time, I’m living in poverty & credit card debt while assholes contribute 35 million to counterrevolutionary asshole Ron Paul. & otherwise waste time & energy & $.

  29. Thomas M. Sipos

    Milnes: “I’m living in poverty & credit card debt while assholes contribute 35 million to counterrevolutionary asshole Ron Paul.”

    Quite a non sequitur. Ron Paul attracting $35 million has nothing to do with your poverty. It’s not like that money would otherwise have gone to you.

  30. paulie

    Who you working for?

    Self-employed, when I’m employed at all. I don’t work “for” anyone; although I work with people at times.

    By the way, your opinion of me is worth every penny I paid for it.

    PLAS might me about to get its own special thread, so that PLAS comments stop mucking up every other thread.

    It’s been done before, so there is precedent:


    “This post is being created in order to permit the ongoing debate over petitioning controversies to continue uncensored without mucking up unrelated topic threads. Please move all such discussion here.”

    Anyone think that is a good or bad idea?

  31. Robert Milnes

    PLAS comments do ot muck up every other thread. Most threads I do not even visit at all. I can pretty much tell from the headline whether it is worth my read or just more of the same old bullshit.

  32. Robert Milnes

    Thomas M. Sipos, gop/reactionary theocratic counterrevolutionary Ron Paul worshipper,
    I didn’t necessarily only mean that some or all of Ron Paul’s contributions should go to me or his affluence is directly related to my poverty. Although I think an abstract academic argument could be made. I’m just pointing out a fact. Assholes are contributing to Ron Paul hoping for a revolution from a counterrevolutionary. Meanwhile I & PLAS languish. It is disgusting & a tell.

  33. Robert Milnes

    I fail to comprehend how some people can fail to see the obvious. The Libertarian Vote is clearly @13% max. The leftist vote is clearly @27% max. A coalition COULD add them.
    Why is this so difficult to understand?

  34. Robert Milnes

    Libs are stuck on trying to generate a libertarian revolution. Kubby. At 13% it is just not going to happen. A coalition is the libs’ only viable option. How many elections do they need to lose & how many Ron Pauls 2008 do they need to do before they get it?

  35. Robert Milnes

    On Nov 2 the leftist progressive vote 27% is going to go to the Dem. AGAIN
    & The Libertarian Vote 13% is going to go to the Rep. AGAIN.
    The definition of insanity….

  36. Robert Milnes

    What about the thread about Kubby that paulie & lg et al turned into crap with the same old tired nonsense about Ron Paul & Gary Johnson.
    People, aren’t you sick & tired of Ron Paul & Gary Johnson?

  37. paulie

    PLAS comments do ot muck up every other thread.

    Too many other threads. I’ll let the readers vote on it through Monday.

  38. wolfefan

    Hi Robert –

    I am actually a little sympathetic to PLAS. I’m not really a libertarian, but such libertarianism as I hold is more of the left variety, so I’ll take your question above seriously, and I’ll accept your numbers as a given for the purposes of discussion.

    The problem with PLAS as you have outlined it is that it will require a huge amount of resources, in terms of finances, people and prestige. Huge. You say things like “Call a press conference! Issue a press release!” as if the media or the public at large will care. Calling conferences and issuing releases is essentially worthless. The LP and GPUSA and other smaller parties issue press releases all the time- how many ever show up in your local paper? LaRouchites have press conferences all the time – how many reporters do you think come?

    You also have to overcome voter ignorance. I don’t mean that pejoratively; the vast majority of voters of all political stripes are essentially ignorant of the issues in any but the very broadest terms and are ignorant of the variety of options available to them. Ilya Somin and others have done a lot of work on how this ignorance is actually rational from the perspective of the voter.

    Then you have to identify who the voters are that you are talking about. That’s going to take a lot of research. Who, precisely, are the progressives and libertarians that you want to reach? A broad-brush approach will not work – you need to target specific voter groups if you want this thing to succeed. That takes time and money.

    Once you’ve identified the target, you’re going to have to get enough volunteers to go door to door to educate voters one on one. and you’re going to have to be able to buy enough media to make a dent in electorate’s consciousness. That’s a LOT of volunteers and a LOT of media. And you’re going to have to have a candidate that is prestigious enough to have some ready-made credibility.

    You’ve talked in the past about a ticket like Gravel/Ruwart being a good example of what you are thinking of. This would be a pathetic ticket – and I say that as one who might actually vote for it. Neither candidate has any national reputation. Neither has any national credibility. Gravel had a little, about 35 years ago, but that’s long gone. PLAS on a national, or even a statewide level (except in the smallest states), is ridiculous.

    PLAS might actually work in a carefully chosen State Representative/Senate-level race, given enough resources and just the right mix of personalities. But in your posts here you haven’t shown the ability to be able to identify that kind of race, and you haven’t shown that you would have any idea what to do even if you could identify one. I say that seriously and with respect for your passion.

    That’s what’s wrong with PLAS, at least as you have articulated it. You’re working at the wrong levels, and you haven’t shown that you have the credibility or the expertise to make the necessary plans to implement the strategy.

  39. Robert Milnes

    Let’s see some statistics paulie on which of us comments more on the most threads.
    I KNOW I don’t comment on every thread. Or every other thread. Far from it.

  40. paulie

    LOL. I’m asking whether other people find your constant PLAS threadjacks to be disruptive. If it wasn’t an egregious case, I wouldn’t ask.

    And even if they say yes, you still get to post about PLAS all you want – just in its own dedicated thread.

    If my colors had anything to do with a swastika, I wouldn’t ask for anyone’s input and I wouldn’t give you your own thread, your comments would just all go to spam automatically.

    I suggest you relax, sit back and let the readers vote, since comparing me with people who killed numerous members of my family is not going to help your case.

  41. Robert Milnes

    You sound so reasonable. A vote against Bob is a vote for reasonableness. Let’s vote for that. 1936.
    Fact is, Trent has already decided this issue. you are usurping authority.

  42. Robert Milnes

    This wouldn’t have anything to do with me calling lg a rightist lover & saying she bored me long ago, would it?
    If it is any consolation, I’ll say the same about you, too.

  43. NewFederalist

    Bob- I think you should really cogitate about what wolfefan said. He didn’t even attack your data (the election of 1912) and still made all the correct points. Many people want a magic bullet to end the two party duopoly and coalition politics is certainly on the list but his comments about PLAS are spot on.

  44. Robert Milnes

    NF, I’m cogitating!
    Among other things, wolfefan said this would take a huge effort. Right. That is what political parties are for. & why not try it for 2010-it might not be too late. But I do not see any individual or party effort seeing all the people who would like a magic bullet.

  45. Robert Milnes

    Instead of some fool vote about me, let’s vote on whether or not to try PLAS in what time we have left in 2010.
    I say joint press conference in Washington early next week.

  46. Catholic Trotskyist

    Paulie, I vote No. Let’s keep PLAS available everywhere. PLAS is now winning, 1-0 in this poll. If you want a break from PLAS, go to a Constitution Party/AI Pthread. Robert rarely posts there.
    Since Paulie takes long breaks from IPR, I think Robert posts more than Paulie.

    If PLAS does get its own thread, will my alternate personalities and I get our own thread too? What about Lake? And Green Party Conservative?

  47. Catholic Trotskyist

    I vote that we try PLAS. I have cogitated and I think a press conference would get PLAS enough attention to turn around at least a few races. I currently know a left-leaning libertarian running as an independent for Congress in California; I am working on convincing him to endorse PLAS, but his campaign manager is trying to convince him not to.

  48. Robert Milnes

    What assets can we bring to bear?
    Any billionaires want to come forward?
    We have 2 parties & all that goes with them.
    Mix & match ballot access.
    Good candidates.
    Volunteers, donors, a vast pool of potential voters we must reach & educate.
    Various media we can buy or earn.
    The internet.
    Vote for a try!
    paulie said by Monday.
    A joint press conference in Washington Tuesday.
    Vote for it.
    Demand it!

  49. paulie

    If PLAS does get its own thread, will my alternate personalities and I get our own thread too? What about Lake? And Green Party Conservative?

    You’ll all have to work harder if you want your own threads. Milnes is the only one who may have earned the privilege, and I’m not even sure about him yet.

  50. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Instead of some fool vote about me, let’s vote on whether or not to try PLAS in what time we have left in 2010.”

    You don’t, and never have, needed a “vote” to “try PLAS.”

    You’ve been free to try it ever since you proposed it.

    Apparently you aren’t very confident in it — if you really thought it would work, you’d presumably do it instead of just whining that everyone else should do it for you.

  51. Robert Milnes

    Tom, why do you say something like that? You know my situation. I’m deep in debt, living in a dilapidated trailer, depressed as hell & very little support. I’m only one person. Etc. Gimme break.
    The onus is on libertarians to realize their situation & help the progressives. It is up to candidates & activists to get the parties involved.Etc.
    The vote is a call to action & a push on the parties.

  52. Thomas L. Knapp


    You write:

    “Tom, why do you say something like that?”

    Because it’s the truth.

    “You know my situation.”

    Somewhat, yes. You seem to want that taken into account for purposes of excusing you from action, but ignored for purposes of evaluating your credibility.

    Sorry, you can’t have it both ways, especially given that you are BETTER positioned to do some of these things than some people with more money are (a press conference can be put together free or cheap by someone who has time — and you’ve got plenty of that).

  53. Robert Milnes

    Sorry Tom, I’m not as good as you at shoestring operations.
    My uncle has a penchant for fixing things with duct tape & tie wire & spit. I’m not good at that either.

  54. Robert Milnes

    Tom, I’m supposed to call a press conference & say I think I have a magic bullet & by the way you guys were wrong about me in 1985?
    How many good & masochistic & progressive press members do you think would attend?

  55. NewFederalist

    “Philadelphia Inquirer endorses dems Sestak & Onorato, senator & governor.
    LOL. No mention of greens & libs?”

    I don’t know of any newspaper which mentions write-in candidates.

  56. Steven wilson

    I know this is a waste of time, arguing with a fool, but the fusion idea keeps going on here, and the total lack of comprehension is making me sick.
    I don’t know if this page will let me type the formula, but I will try anyway.

    The first issue is the fusion model. This is not a new thing. It is taught just after prisoner’s dilemma in game theory lecture. It has criteria.

    The second is TR. The reason he got the numbers was because he was a pre-existing variable. He had a record of victory and national exposure. He defined his “time”. He matched the “winner” persona.

    The third is construct. Look at the environment in which the game players are in. In times of economic bliss, personal endeavors or “frontier” take primary variable. In times of economic trouble, cause to effect is primary.

    Major party candidate = A
    Major party candidate = B

    vote off standard for party A = (A – 1)
    vote off standard for party B = (B – 1)

    Fusion model candidate = X

  57. Thomas M. Sipos

    Milnes: “I fail to comprehend how some people can fail to see the obvious. The Libertarian Vote is clearly @13% max. The leftist vote is clearly @27% max.

    It is not at all obvious to me that the libertarian vote is 13% max. Why not 5% or 25% or some other random figure?

    No LP national ticket has ever come close to 13%. There may be dormant libertarian voters out there, but how could you, or anyone else, know precisely what that vote’s “max” is?

    Nor is it obvious to me that the progressive vote is 27% max.

    You seem to have arrived at these numbers randomly and arbitrarily.

    Milnes: “Thomas M. Sipos, gop/reactionary theocratic counterrevolutionary Ron Paul worshipper,

    Let the record show that as the official spokesperson for the “GOP/Reactionary, Theocratic, Counterrevolutionary, Ron Paul Front of America,” I think Milnes should be allowed to keep posting his PLAS nonsense on whatever thread he chooses.

    Milnes is not disruptive; he is comic relief.

  58. NewFederalist

    He gets his 13% libertarian vote from a Cato Institute survey and his 27% progressive vote from the presidential election of 1912 just for the record. (See Bob… I do understand!)

  59. Thomas M. Sipos

    As for that 27% coming from the 1912 election — I and others have often explained to Milnes that you can’t extrapolate much from century old polling data. The demographics were entirely different. Women couldn’t even vote. The issues were entirely different.

    It’s odd that Milnes lauds Teddy Roosevelt (who hated Injuns), yet Milnes simultaneously courts the Native American vote. Odd that Milnes imagines that Native Americans could represent an enthusiastic part of a TR based voting bloc.

  60. NewFederalist

    I didn’t mean to imply that I agreed with Bob… only that I understand where he gets his “data”. I heartily agree that 1912 polling data is worthless today.

  61. Robert Milnes

    NF, also the Chilean elections of 1970.
    36.6%-Popular Unity(leftist coalition)
    28.0%-Christian democrat
    Allende won by a close three way plurality. Note that the nationalists were a close second-equivalent to USA Constitution Party.
    Third was the evident reactionary centrist party.
    from Wikipedia.

  62. Robert Milnes

    Is 1970 data also worthless today?
    No, these elections are like jigsaw puzzle pieces showing many patterns. Some things don’t change. Evidently the percentages of reactionaries & progressives is a constant worldwide 60/40.

  63. Robert Milnes

    I believe the linear political spectrum is a bell curve. Usually the reactionaries are centrally located at the top of the bell.
    I believe in 1912 if TR had gotten more of the democratic vote, Debs would have gotten more votes also. The socialists got 6%. It would have been more if TR had polarized the bell curve more at the extreme right & left than he did.

  64. Robert Milnes

    I’d like to see EVERYBODY contact LP & GP & demand a joint press conference on Tuesday. As many candidates and celebs as possible. I’d like to attend. Richard Winger should be asked to attend.

  65. Catholic Trotskyist

    I have contacted LP and GP. Not that they’d listen to me, but it’s better than nothing. I have also contacted several dozen independent candidates across the country who are either libertarian, progressive, or some combination thereof, and don’t have greens or libertarians in their races.

  66. Catholic Trotskyist

    Not using my “Catholic Trotskyist” name, however, since that would garuntee they wouldn’t listen to me.

  67. Catholic Trotskyist

    PLAS and Catholic Trotskyism; marching together, not walking alone. IN THE NAME OF GOD, THE POPE AND TR, AMEN.

  68. paulie

    CT, you have to call paulie an asshole to get your own thread.

    No, it takes a lot more than that. Milnes appears to be falling short of being able to do it as well.

  69. NewFederalist

    “Not using my “Catholic Trotskyist” name, however, since that would garuntee they wouldn’t listen to me.”

    *GASP* You mean Catholic Trotskyist is NOT your real name? I am shocked… SHOCKED!

  70. Catholic Trotskyist

    Actually, I kind of had my own thread a couple years ago, although I had to share it with my nemesis, the Protestant Stalinist Party, and other factions which soon developed, but have now disappeared. However, a US Socialist Party named David McReynolds wrote a column about the history of American socialism, in which he apparently thought they were all real parties.

  71. Catholic Trotskyist

    NF, of course not! Just like NewFederalist isn’t your real name. Actually God has spoken to me and told me what your real name is, but I will not reveal it, because I am an ethical person.

  72. NewFederalist

    CT… you are so right. My real name is New Federalist not NewFederalist. I just never got around to legally taking the space out.

  73. Thomas M. Sipos

    Milnes: “Is 1970 data also worthless today?”

    Polling data from 1970 in Chile is certainly worthless for a 2012 election in the U.S.

    Milnes: “I’d like to see EVERYBODY contact LP & GP & demand a joint press conference on Tuesday. As many candidates and celebs as possible.”

    Okay, since I live in Los Angeles, I contacted a few celebs.

    Angelina Jolie told me that PLAS wouldn’t work this year because 17% + 34% x 23% – 8.2 = 29.1.

    Brad Pitt agrees that PLAS won’t work, but he disagrees with her numbers. He thinks 63% + 7.1% + 82% -5.55555 x -0.8 might be enough for a spoiler effect, thus winning PLAS some media attention, if not any House seats.

    Jennifer Lopez is pissed that you haven’t asked her about being a VP on your PLAS fusion ticket. She wants you to call her back.

  74. paulie

    I’ve never had a problem saying when you or anyone else is right. Tomorrow’s the last day of voting, so it looks good for you.

  75. Thomas M. Sipos

    No, Robert, it was Jennifer Lopez.

    Jennifer Aniston won’t take my calls because she knows I’m tight with Brad and Angelina.

    And once Jennifer Lopez sees your post @124 (she’s an avid IPR lurker), she’ll assume you haven’t asked her to run on PLAS because you’re holding out for Aniston. Then J Lo will really be pissed at you.

  76. Catholic Trotskyist

    Yes; looks like the losing losing losing will continue. I have heard from a few of the independent candidates I wrote to, and all have rejected PLAS unfortunately.

  77. Robert Milnes

    Yes, CT. Unfortunately.
    You would think they would realize they are going to lose &have nothing to lose by trying PLAS.
    Maybe some easily replaced ballot access.

  78. Robert Milnes

    Allende was/is one of very few leftists elected president of a country.
    36.6% in a close 3 way race,
    TR-27.2, second in a close 3 way race.

  79. Robert Milnes

    This election supports PLAS in several ways.e.g.
    When a presidential election is approached from the left, a win is possible. From the right, less possible. Consistent with leftist vote 27% libertarian vote 13%.

  80. NewFederalist

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda… Oh well who’s going to care in a hundred years. Oh, wait…

  81. paulie

    The winning candidate that year, Democrat Woodrow Wilson, was also a “progressive.”

    The closest thing to a libertarian vote in 1912 may have been for either President Taft or for Socialist Eugene Debs, depending on what aspects of libertarianism a given voter found most important.

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