Georgia Libertarian Chuck Donovan pleased with his first ever debate, looks for another

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ATLANTA, GA – October 25, 2010 – Chuck Donovan, Libertarian candidate for U.S Senate from Georgia, participated last night in the only debate incumbent Republican Senator Johnny Isakson decided to include in his campaign schedule. The Atlanta Press Club-sponsored debate was televised live from the Georgia Public Broadcasting studios in Atlanta, and included Donovan, Isakson and Democratic nominee Michael Thurmond, Georgia’s outgoing Labor Commissioner.

“Usually, campaign seasons feature five or more debates. This year there were only two scheduled,” Donovan said. “As if that weren’t bad enough, we learned only three days beforehand that Isakson had decided to skip last Thursday’s WSB debate. Just what is he hiding from?”

In closing last night’s debate, Donovan noted that unlike the other two candidates, he is not a career politician. “I happen to be working Monday through Thursday of this week.” he said, “But, I’m off on Friday and Saturday, and I’d really like to have another debate. I think the voters would like to see it.” Thurmond was quick to agree, and his staff is in contact with the Donovan campaign. Contact between the Donovan and the Isakson campaign has yet to be established.

Following the event, Mr. Donovan let reporters and others know that he had never before participated in a debate. “People were surprised that I stood up to two, polished, career politicians. I am surprised more Americans don’t do the same thing. Our schools are failing, our infrastructure is in trouble, our troops are scattered around the world, our national budget is a disaster, and we still don’t have jobs. Voting again for career Democrats and Republicans will only make the problems worse.”

Donovan is challenging the notion of “just voting”. “Voters must make an intelligent, informed decision about who they will put into office for the next six years”, said Donovan. “The old way of voting has not served us well. It’s time to vote smarter. Watching campaign commercials or only having one debate to judge the candidates is not enough.”

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