Georgia Libertarian Kira Willis Challenges Education Policy Makers

Posted at Crazy for Liberty:

ATLANTA, GA: Kira Willis today announces her challenge to the State Department of Education and educational policy makers. “Before anyone even thinks about a new mandate or rule or even a test for our kids, he or she must spend time in a classroom. I think that a week would be sufficient.”

Willis, who champions accountability for everyone involved in education, has frequently stated that there are too many mandates passed down to our schools and our teachers by people who have spent no time in the schools or the classrooms. “I want for everyone in the State Department of Education and in policy to know what a day in the life of a teacher is like: what teachers do every day for our kids. When the policy makers and people in the DOE have done that, then they can talk about policy.”

Willis stated that if she is voted in as State School Superintendent, she will ensure that everyone under her in the DOE will spend time in the schools with the teachers and the students. “It’s too easy for people to make sweeping rules and mandates when they have no idea what the reality is in our schools.” She challenges the State to visit schools and communities on a regular basis in order to be in touch with the realities that face our schools every day.


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