Governor Candidates Debate on Iowa Public Television, Radio

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Mid-Major Candidates Debate on Iowa Public Television, Radio

In the past two weeks, Iowa Public Broadcasting has held three candidate forums that have included independent and mid-major party candidates. On Wednesday, October 20, Iowa Public Television hosted a Third Party Governor’s debate that included three of the four non-major party candidates on the ballot:

Dr. Eric Cooper (Libertarian), a professor at Iowa State University –

Gregory James Hughes (independent), a cereal factory worker –

David Rosenfeld (Socialist Workers’ Party), a tire plant worker and union organizer – no website

Dr. Cooper has posted video of the debate on his YouTube page:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Conspicuously absent from the debate was Jonathan Narcisse, a newspaper publisher and former Des Moines school board member. While the other candidates have as stated goals to win ballot access or to build their ideological movements, Narcisse has insisted from the beginning that he is going to win the election and may have found it below him to appear. Ironically, Narcisse has been very vocal about his exclusion from the debates between the major party candidates.

On Friday, October 25, all four candidates for governor debated on Iowa Public Radio. Audio is available for download at

The race for Iowa governor between Democrat incumbent Chet Culver and former Republican governor Terry Branstad has not been close, with Branstad holding a double-digit lead in most polls. With the race expected to be a blowout, the “wasted vote” argument has lost some of its power and polling has shown both Cooper and Narcisse with a chance to surpass the 2% threshold needed to qualify for major party status and automatic ballot access.

2 thoughts on “Governor Candidates Debate on Iowa Public Television, Radio

  1. Todd McGreevy

    Yes, Narcisse blundered when he missed the Oct 20th taping at IPTV. He intended to be there and missed it, as he was on the campaign trail touring 99 counties. Organizational, logistical error. Mea culpa.

    IPTV wants to consider a 30 min taping of 4 non major party candidates as their “equal time” and it is insufficient. Of all the outlets that should be providing real equal time, it is IPTV… tax payer funded IPTV. Their collaboration with the Register continued to perpetuate the myth that Culver and Branstad are relevant to solving problems in Iowa.

    Meanwhile, Narcisse has published documents for solving critical issues of tax reform, education and state governance. He continues to gain more earned media coverage in print and radio by visiting 99 counties on the Common Sense Express.

    He’s gained the endorsements of major Democratic leadership statewide months ago… and he’s gained the support of Tea Party patriots as well. He’s the only antidote on the ballot to a 6th Culver/Branstad administration that will only further the corruption and inefficiencies of state government.

    Folks don’t need to hold their noses anymore.
    Vote Narcisse Nov 2nd and save Iowa.

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