Independent Jana Kemp Draws Unlikely Applause in Idaho Debate

Austin Cassidy at Uncovered Politics:

All five candidates for governor of Idaho met for a debate on Thursday, in front of a packed crowd at the Idaho Capitol and broadcast on Idaho Public Television.

Attending the showdown were Republican governor Butch Otter, Democrat Keith Allred, Libertarian Ted Dunlap and independents Jana Kemp and Pro-Life Richardson. Among the “other” candidates, Kemp is the one to watch. She’s a former one-term Republican state legislator and has been, by far, the most active and serious challenger to the two leading candidates.

It was Kemp who drew some unlikely applause during the debate.

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2 thoughts on “Independent Jana Kemp Draws Unlikely Applause in Idaho Debate

  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    IndependentVoice.Org [Lake: Not necessarily an endorsement and on a personal note *eyes open* per association with CUIP …….]

    Greetings! “Why should I bother voting this election?”

    This is something you hear with increasing frequency.

    The political process has become more partisan, and because of gerrymandering the same person (or party) wins the same seats over and over again.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for voters to fundamentally change politics?

    Wouldn’t it be great if government was about what was best for the people, no the parties and special interests? [Lake: 1788 time warp!]

    IndependentVoice.Org is organizing independents to change politics and make it about what’s best for the people – not the parties and special interests.

    Critical Reform Vote #1: Yes on Prop 20 and No on Prop 27 is that fundamental reform vote we’re looking for.

    A Yes vote on Prop 20 takes away power to redistrict Congressional seats from the politicians and turns it over to a panel of ordinary people.

    A no vote on Prop 27 defeats a measure placed on the ballot by the politicians to confuse voters (it gives full redistricting power back to the politicians).

    Critical Reform Vote #2: Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor. We rarely Independent Voice endorses Abel Maldonado for Lt. Governor endorse candidates (the last one was Barack Obama for President).

    But when a reformer like Abel Maldonado (GOP) comes along who isn’t afraid to take on both political parties – including his own – to reform the political process, we have to act.

    Abel Maldonado (GOP) took on both political parties by placing the open primary measure Prop 14 on the ballot and helping to pass it in June of this year. Starting in 2012, the political parties will lose their control over the elections process.

    Let’s build the independent movement for fundamental reform together.
    Independently yours,

    Jason Olson, IndependentVoice.Org

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