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Libertarian Andrew Gray for Kansas Governor: Attention to Extravagant Campaign Spending Welcomed

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Andrew Gray, Libertarian candidate for Kansas Governor, is pleased that the extravagant campaign spending of politicians has become front page news across Kansas. Gray and his team believe that special interest money lining the pockets of politicians and lobbyists is one of the root causes of the difficulties that Kansas is facing, and they believe Kansas voters agree with them.

Gray, who is also the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Kansas, says that this campaign is just the first step in changing the political landscape of Kansas. “This campaign is really just the beginning of the work for the Libertarian Party of Kansas. For years we have fought against a political process that does not serve the best interests of all Kansans. The Libertarian Party will gain major party status when our campaign receives 5% or more of the statewide vote, and it will be up to us to lead the two establishment parties toward a more commonsense standard of political behavior. We’ll start by bringing together a group of knowledgeable Kansans to help us decide how we can run our primaries differently which will begin to redefine acceptable political practices. Ending spending like this is a big part of that.”

While there have been no decisions made about what Libertarian Primaries will look like, some of the ideas being considered include: requiring all candidates to submit a resume as if applying for a private sector job, creating a party-funded publication where all Libertarian candidates can be easily compared, and primary spending limits for Libertarian Candidates.

Davis, the Lt Governor Candidate, says that Kansans know that campaign spending is a major problem. “Spending $2.9 million in a campaign for a job that pays $110,000 just doesn’t make sense; but neither does spending $650,000 for that job. Kansans know that spending like that is insane, and they know that most of those dollars come with a promise to someone. We can’t afford that anymore. It’s time to change politics-as-usual.”

Gray and Davis have limited campaign donations to $250 per individual or business.

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