Libertarian Julie Fox endorsed by Chicago Daily Observer editor

Staff at LP blog:

Julie Fox is running for Illinois State Controller. She has been endorsed by Tom Roeser, Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer. Roeser writes, “She’s a very bright CPA without a partisan axe to grind who passionately believes in latch-key abstemious government leading to a consolidation for efficiency of Treasurer and Controller.” Read the article.

5 thoughts on “Libertarian Julie Fox endorsed by Chicago Daily Observer editor

  1. Chris Bennett

    5 percent in the governor’s race will guarantee ballot access. If any of the other statewide candidates get 5 percent, they will still be at square one.

  2. Steven wilson

    She is the only CPA running in that race. With the budget crisis in Illinois, I think she could get 10 %. She is intelligent and clear. That will mean something to the voters. The people I talked to around Mchenry county know her and she has a strong following. She has run before, and many of these variables spell out for a very good vote total. Cheers on Nov. 2

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