24 thoughts on “Libertarian Travis Irvine for Congress: Time for Pizza, Celebrity endorsements, and more

  1. Robert Milnes

    Is everyone at IPR ready to lose Tuesday evening?
    We can watch tv & browse internet for dem & rep victories &LP & GP losses.
    I like pizza, hoagies & Tastyakes & coka cola.
    Losing Tuesday!

  2. No more Spam and Trolls

    Posts like #2 and #3 above should just be deleted. It is not an infringement of speech to delete constant Spamming and Trolling of the same nonsense, especially, in the case of personal attacks as in #2.

  3. Robert Capozzi

    Irvine continues to shine. He has an ironic attitude that sells. Love the whispered “pop the rock” in the ad with Grannis. Grannis, btw, seems like a real heavyweight…very strong pedigree and education, worked for “big” DC law firms. (Consider losing the bowtie, though.)

    Lesko’s whispered “I don’t know what the hell I said” in cut 2 humanizes and endears the effort.

    Both these candidates give me some hope that there is a “centrist” L viewpoint that can rise up and provide a meaningful challenge to the Rs and Ds, and to statism generally. They don’t seem to promote an absolutist, macho flash L-ism that continues to linger in both the “left” and “right” L thought stream. They seem positioned as concerned citizens with a sense of humor about them.

  4. paulie Post author

    Posts like #2 and #3 above should just be deleted. It is not an infringement of speech to delete constant Spamming and Trolling of the same nonsense, especially, in the case of personal attacks as in #2.

    It’s a borderline case, but I put it up for a poll recently and it came out 2-0 in favor of allowing PLAS discussions in all threads rather than confining them in one thread. Saying I’m an asshole is not enough reason to delete a comment. Actually, I do have a tendency to be an asshole sometimes. I try to control my worse impulses, though.

  5. No more Spam and Trolls

    Post #2 and now #5 as well are just random attacks that make this site less appealing and less useful. Even the troll making these posts will benefit from having them deleted as he will have an outside monitor to replace his missing internal mental controls.

  6. paulie Post author

    @10 Even if such policing of comments was desirable, no one has the time to do it. This is a volunteer gig, I get paid nothing whatsoever for blogging here (if anyone appreciates the work, I could sure use some contributions!).

    I have the time right now, but at other times I am busy with work and go for weeks or months without having nearly the kind of time that would take. I can assure you that none of our other writers have nearly that kind of free time that they would want to devote to policing IPR comments.

    And then we get into where to draw the line. I really don’t want to be the playground monitor. Listening to a bunch of whining constantly appealing my judgment calls on this would be so unpleasant that I would just not want to post here at all. I already got a taste of that earlier this year in the conflict between Bruce Cohen and one woman who posts here under numerous names and is apparently so paranoid that she is afraid to be referred to by the first letter of her first name. Trust me, I don’t want that times a hundred.

    We do have a precedent for confining a particularly obnoxious series of comments out of unrelated threads, and just recently I added the subject of a certain California candidate that seems to have some particularly vicious opposition to that list.

    If reader sentiment to confine PLAS remarks to one thread becomes overwhelming, we might revisit the issue in the future. But we just had a vote, so I’m inclined not to revisit it immediately.

  7. paulie Post author

    This is a volunteer gig, I get paid nothing whatsoever for blogging here (if anyone appreciates the work, I could sure use some contributions!).

    And if anyone would appreciate me not posting here instead, I’m willing to talk number$.

    Hey, how about a bidding war? I’ll stay, or leave, depending on which side pays me more 😛

  8. Single Winner Districts = Cro Mag-non Attractor

    …$400. in free advertising, plus $100. (we’re about to start the advertising beta testing, so when that’s complete we’ll be able to provide it)

    Plus, a seat on the national Cabinet as Moderator Minister. That means your name will automatically qualify for our ballot in 2012, and should you receive 1/101ths (or .99%) of the votes cast, you’ll get one of the 100 seats on the BoD. Maybe move up to the executive level.

    Darryl, we ought to work together on this. You know we really need both of you on the GoNott ad network…it’ll put you in close coordination with Patricia Burns [Republican]….how about Ruwart/Burns/Perry [Libertarian/Republican/Boston Tea] in ’12?

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

    Or maybe;
    A female/Perry/Burns/Hinkle in 2016 [Unkown/Boston Tea/Republican/Libertarian]

  9. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    14 paulie // Oct 31, 2010:
    ” (…… I could sure use some contributions!) ……”

    [Lake: Sacramento’s Socialist, Reformer, greenie, Constitutionalist Phil Sawyer is aware of IPR and there is now a independentpartyreform at email dot com, some where ……]

  10. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    MSP Darryl Perry [Boston Tea], we are so bogged down. On one hand I’d like to elect Paulie and MSP Lake [American Independent] to the national cabinet, but two MPs have to be replaced by counting the ballots which are inaccessible.

    On the other hand, we could elect them both to the state parliament cabinet (CA-PAR) because we need executives who want to work together…but we need better executives there too.

    Paulie, Don, would either of you be interested in a spot as Secretary or Prime Minister in the 6th California Parliament?

    Prime Minister Robert S. [Pot] won’t even answer my phone calls or email, and Secretary Gsail Lightfoot [Libertarian] has unsubscribed because her husband died, so she not voting for Cabinet members.

    As far as pay goes, right now were planning on paid staff in the Programmer and Communications Ministries, but we could maybe pay Paulie if he wants to work for the Moderator Ministry. Right now Deputy Moderator Minister Michael J. Williams [Info. Not Avail.] is the prime prospect, but he wanted $300. cash to work there, after the election. Currently he’s volunteering for MSP Chelene Nightingale’s [Constitution Independent] campaign, so I was going to contact him after the election about moderating.

    Paulie, would you be interested in maybe the Web Page Ministry? I think that’s where you could be of more help, IMO.

    Nobody ever posts in The USA Parliament, Inc.’s forum, it’s pretty dead there. But we do want to open it up.

  11. paulie Post author

    I’d like to elect Paulie

    Thanks, but I’m not running.

    Paulie, would you be interested in maybe the Web Page Ministry?

    Not at the moment, thanks. Let me know concrete information about money when it’s available.

  12. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    A little money is going to The USA Parliament, Inc. and its elected participants, and the focus is on the ad sales program. I happen to be the biggest supporter and believer that using the voting system is the best business plan.

    That’s everything to our plan.

    And if we can get your cooperation, that would be a boon to our team.

    I’ll place the address contact.ipr@gmail.com on the GoNott Search Team email list so you can learn more. Just send the message “unsubscribe” when you don’t wish to receive the information anymore.

    We’re powered by votes, and our elected members are the ones eligible for payments.
    We’re only starting the paid positions long enough to see if we can generate some income.

    The money is available, and our first meeting is Friday. So if you want to get in early, now is the time. I feel we have a very small window of opportunity for success though 2012, by working as a team.

    I’m optimistic because we are an open ended self appointment system, and we are still growing month by month. But that does take a little bit of work to self appoint and to find team players too.

    Our team is like a 100-member BoD, but in reality very few actually do participate.

    So the voting is a good gauge to monitor enthusiasm. Our edge is the democratic legitimacy over all others who are not democratically legit. So that’s what we use, our best edge in approaching the “concrete bunker”, the two-party system.

    –James O. Ogle [Free Parliamentary]

    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”
    The USA Parliament, Inc.
    Founded August 1st, 1995

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

  13. Single Winner Districts = Neanderthal Attractor

    #10 It’s the free speech like in #2 and #5 and many others that appeal to the writers (and wrongers).

    So let that flourish, the more the better.

    I remember 1992 to 1995, when the Libertarians were promoting violent revolution in Usenet. The tone has changed since then, it’s a more peaceful and tranquil place.

    I had some people type violent language towards me…and I responded in kind.

    Sometimes, we need to meet foul language with foul language.

    However, I don’t see any violent language here, mostly childish language and name calling, which is pretty mellow and entertaining.

    It’s not driving people away. On the contrary, the more free speech the better.

    The good by far outweighs the bad.

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    See the newest waves of potitics coming ashore;

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