Randy Credico: ‘Nixon endorses Schumer’

Video by Randy Credico forwarded by Kimberly Wilder. Credico is the US Senate candidate running in New York against Democrat Chuck Schumer, endorsed by the Anti-Prohibition and Libertarian Parties. There is an ongoing court case as to whether he will appear on the ballot under both party lines (see comments on that story).

2 thoughts on “Randy Credico: ‘Nixon endorses Schumer’

  1. Kimberly Wilder


    I have the perfect reflection on this subject! It is hysterical…

    Local, LI group, “Blacklisted and the Banned” actually has a song “I Never Thought I’d Miss Richard Nixon”

    Here are some ways to find/enjoy the song:

    Someone’s weird ad on youtube used it as a background. Medium cut:


    A wilderside video, the whole song. Commentary, then song starts at 11 minutes and 55 seconds in.


    A short mp3 and a place to buy the album with the song on it:


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