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Third parties in Pennsylvania team up for ballot access lawsuit

from Ballot Access News
Pennsylvania Minor Parties File Brief in 3rd Circuit

October 20th, 2010

On October 20, the Constitution, Green and Libertarian Parties of Pennsylvania filed this 39-page brief in the Third Circuit. The case is Constitution Party of Pennsylvania v Cortes, 10-3205. The issues are the Pennsylvania challenge system that subjects minor parties and independent candidates to the risk of paying up to $100,000 if they submit a petition that is insufficient; Pennsylvania’s abysmal record of counting and tallying write-ins; and the state’s threshold for a party to be ballot-qualified without petitioning. That threshold is that it have registration membership of 15% of the state total, a hurdle so high that if the same law existed in Utah, the Democratic Party would not be on the ballot; and if it existed in the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, or Rhode Island, the Republican Party would not be ballot-qualified.

The U.S. District Court had refused to adjudicate the lawsuit on the grounds that the plaintiffs lack standing or their claims are not ripe.


  1. James O. Ogle James O. Ogle October 21, 2010

    The North Atlantic Super-state Parliament Circuit #3
    Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey

    Wayne Turner [AIDS Cure], Daniel Vovak, [Republican], Robert Creager [Libertarian], Bob Bongen [Unaffiliated], Random Dude [Pot], Czar of Spain [Nationalist], Richard Louis Carter [Anarchist], Ed Hertzog [Digital Anarchist], Eddie Bowers [Pot], David Seachrist [Pot], Marcus Pearson [Pot], Rushrock63 [Smoker], Amber Emmertz [Legalize Marijuana], Bill [Stuff], Rob Levin [Democratic/Marijuana], Nate Wien [Pot], Martha Crabill [Democratic], Bill Bradley [Democrat], Sarah Blakey [Libertarian], Ryan Baily [Bullmoose Republican] and Robert “Jeffrey” Schundler [Republican]

  2. James O. Ogle James O. Ogle October 21, 2010

    Hey, those parties should try working together under the all party system where Democratic and Republican voters are also involved, and maybe they’d have better succuss in the long run.

    Voter registration is free, while lawsuits cost valued time and money.

  3. Mik Robertson Mik Robertson October 21, 2010

    There is no cap on the fees at $100,000, it’s just what they seem to have been running lately. I’m not sure what the “all party system” is.

  4. NewFederalist NewFederalist October 21, 2010

    Ogle is a troll. He fouls up other political sites with his jibberish as well.

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