Tom Tancredo: Time to Get Out The Vote

More polling news from the Tancredo campaign:

Another poll has been released and the news just keeps getting better.

This time the poll comes from the left-leaning Public Policy Institute Poll and it has us within 3% points of Hickenlooper: 47% to 44% with Maes dropping to an all-time low of 5%.

This is within the margin of error — and the sponsor of the poll went on radio and said this race could be a “major upset.” We plan on making those words come true.

The other good news is that the momentum is all ours — we are on fire out here!

Crowds are turning rowdy with excitement. And impressive endorsements come in daily — today, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman joined our team!

What an amazing run we have had — thanks to you! Let me repeat — Thanks to you!

4 out of 5 recent polls say this race is a toss-up! And that one random bad poll came from the Denver Post, who endorsed the Hickenlooper campaign last month.

We can win this race! We just have to get our vote out –and that is what we are doing now!

I will be touring this state right up to Election Day, and our volunteers will be manning the phones day and night to get the vote out.

But the state is huge, and we are going to need to pay for professional phone banks to make certain every one of our voters casts a ballot. This is going to cost another $45,000.

We are so close to winning.

And while I hesitate to ask again, I simply must.

We are too close to winning this race to slow down now.

So I must ask if you would help us pay for the strongest possible get-out-the-vote program that will put us over the top next Tuesday with a $30 or even just a $15 contribution!

I will keep you updated on our progress. And please know how truly grateful I am for all you have done for me during this historic campaign.

God bless you and God bless America!

Tom Tancredo

8 thoughts on “Tom Tancredo: Time to Get Out The Vote

  1. Tankkkredo, another libertarian hatemonger

    And you saps fell for some joker claiming he is the “libertarian chair” saying legalize immigration? Just how stupid and gullible are you?

  2. Marcus S

    Tancredo needs to turn his attention to Hickenlooper. Take a stand on 2 points that he will push to the end if elected and 2 points he will fight to the finish if he wins. Forget about Maes!!

  3. RedPhillips Post author


    Ha ha. So funny. I bet you think you’re pretty clever don’t you? I guess all 44% that support him are Klan members as well.

  4. KKK is for Tankkkredo

    Way more than 44% of the KKK supports Tankkkredo. A lot of kkkonservatives may not join the KKK but they have basically the same views.

    Just look at the tea party racists who hate Obama because he is black and carry racist signs. Or the jackbooted tea party libertarian fascist thugs who stomped and kicked a woman for being a liberal in Kentucky.

    Maybe it’s time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  5. paulie

    I shouldn’t respond to trolling, but Tancredo is not a Libertarian, and neither was the Kentucky rally.

    Also, accusing people of having KKK ties would be a bit less likely to make people’s eyes roll if you offered some evidence. I disagree with Tancredo on immigration, but that doesn’t make him a klansman.

  6. Everett Mann

    Go, Colorado, GO!!!
    The governorship is the chief exector of the laws of your great State. This is an incredible opportunity to rollback progressive, socialist encroachment and restore constitutional government.
    You’ll have MY support.

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