6 thoughts on “Warren Redlich ad: ‘Republican vs. Democrat’

  1. paulie Post author

    More Redlich videos:

    YouTube Channels:



    LeBron’s Decision (parody), over 8000 views

    Top 10 List, over 7000 views

    New York Pork: Library, over 4000 views

    Money in NY Politics, over 2000 views

    Carl Paladino: Tea Party Guy, 1900 views

    Republican vs. Democrat, 1200 views

    TV version, 500 views

    Prince of Cuomo-Lot, 1100 views

    Rochester Tea Party speech, 900 views

    New York Island (mosque), 800 views

    Dicker-Redlich Confrontation, 760 views

    Paladino’s Special Interest, 700 views

  2. George Whitfield

    I am glad that Warren Redlich for Governor was one of the strategic campaigns recommended by the Libertarian Donors Club as especially deserving of donations.

  3. Be Rational

    Warren Redlich is on the way to breaking the 50,000 vote barrier.

    Warren on Facebook:

    Warren at the Debate:

    From the Libertarian Donors Club letter:

    Warren Redlich NY Governor 50,000 votes http://wredlich.com/ny/

    New York is an important state in the eyes of the media and has a large population. It only takes 50,000 votes to win ballot status and yet the LP has never succeeded in doing so. This year, however, the LP has an active campaigner, an elected official, running as our candidate for Governor. Redlich has been invited to debate the field … And the erratic, irascible behavior of the Republican nominee leaves a vacuum to be filled. The Redlich for Governor campaign is seeking funds to run radio, targeted cable TV, and major network TV in upstate areas. My estimate is that the Redlich campaign needs $35,000 more, this week, to have a real shot at 50,000 votes – they will put all donor club donations on TV and radio. The campaign has raised thousands of dollars since my first letter, but they need more. Please join me in an LP breakthrough in New York. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7w15CYS4yo

    Donations can be made through the website by credit card or paypal.
    Checks should be made payable to: “Redlich for Governor” and mailed to: Redlich for Governor, 255 Washington Ave Ext., Suite 108, Albany, NY 12205

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  5. Brian

    The music in that video. I recognize it from some of the Tom Horner campaign ads/internet videos. Strange

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