Warren Redlich campaign: three most popular campaign videos

Via facebook from Libertarian Warren Redlich for New York Governor:

Election day is almost here. Please keep spreading the word.

One of the best ways to do that is posting our campaign videos on your friends’ web pages. Here are the three videos that (according to YouTube stats) do particularly well:

Our TV Commercial:

Our favorite librarian:

And … Priceless:

Thanks for all your support! Let me know if you have any questions.


3 thoughts on “Warren Redlich campaign: three most popular campaign videos

  1. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Unfortunately, Redlich has not only run a poor campaign, focusing on the theme of “Stop Wasting Money” instead of more libertarian issues but he has also alienated half the Libertarian Party in New York State. As I have stated, I believe the best he can lead the LP to is 7th place (possibly worse) and I am pretty certain he will not come close to getting the 50,000 votes required to obtain minor party status.

    The true “libertarian” in the race for Governor in New York State is Kristin Davis, who has focused her campaign on the Anti-Prohibition Party line toward arguing for the legalization of casino gambling, prostitution and marijuana.

    As someone who is not a member of the New York State Libertarian Party, I can speak the truth and Ms. Davis is the true libertarian in the race.

  2. paulie Post author

    Unfortunately she takes the anti-freedom side on property rights for Muslims, while Redlich has the correct position on that issue.

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