Zogby Shows Charlie Crist Within Six Points of Republican Rival in Florida; Uncovered Politics Contest

Darcy Richardson at Uncovered Politics:

The poll, conducted between October 18 and October 21, showed Rubio, an early darling of the Tea Party movement, leading with 39.6 percent of the vote to 33.3 percent for Crist, who broke with his party in April to run without party affiliation. Democrat Kendrick Meek, whose candidacy has failed to gain momentum, even among hardcore members of his own party, was languishing in a distant third with a meager 18.1 percent.

The poll of 802 likely voters had a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

The Zogby survey demonstrated that Florida’s Republican-turned-independent governor continues to poll strongly among unaffiliated voters, garnering the support of 47.5 percent of the state’s independents to Rubio’s 30.2 percent, while nearly breaking even with Rep. Meek among the state’s Democratic electorate.

It’s clear that Crist, who has raised $13.3 million overall and began the final month of the campaign with less than $1.4 million in the bank — only about a quarter of the $5.5 million war chest enjoyed by Republican rival Rubio — still has a fighting chance in the three-way race.

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Uncovered Politics also has a contest with prizes for guessing how well various independent and alternative party candidates will do this election. The candidates that they want you to make predictions for:

1. Murkowski US Senate, Alaska (write-in)
2. Chaffee Rhode Island Governor (independent)
3. Crist US Senate, Florida (independent)
4. Cahill Massachusetts Governor (independent)
5. Stein Massachusetts Governor (Green)
6. Horner Minnesota Governor (Independence)
7. Cutler Maine Governor (independent)
8. Trafficant Ohio CD-17 (independent)
9. Irvine Ohio CD-12 (Libertarian)
10. McMillan New York Governor (Rent is Too Damn High)
11. Monds Georgia Governor (Libertarian)
12. Whitney Illinois Governor (Green)
13. Cohen Illinois Governor (independent)
14. Snitker US Senate, Florida (Libertarian)
15. Clements US Senate, South Carolina (Green)
16. Tobin California Sec. of State (Libertarian)
17. Wilson Michigan CD-1 (independent)
18. Tancredo Colorado Governor (Constitution)
19. Sink-Burris Indiana US Senate (Libertarian)
20. Towne Pennsylvania CD-15 (independent)
21. Kemp Governor Idaho (independent)
22. Janes Tennessee CD-8 (independent)
23. Glass Governor Texas (Libertarian)
24. Dunmire Florida CD-8 (TEA Party)
25. Wilkinson Florida CD-12 (TEA Party)

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