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Capital New York features Howie Hawkins’ succesful effort to garner 50,000 votes and ‘save the Greens’

An interesting article on examines the personal and Green Party history of Howie Hawkins, the Greens’ 2010 gubernatorial nominee in New York who was successful in getting the 50,000 votes necessary for ballot access, as well as the history of the Greens in New York and their plans for the future, among other subjects.  Read the full thing here.

“I came to New York to organize co-ops,” he said. “When the funding ran out I got a job loading trucks for UPS.”

He’s still there.

Hawkins has built up a real, if not massive, following in the Syracuse area. In addition to his run for mayor in 2005, he ran for Congress in 2008 and received almost 9,000 votes, 3.3 percent of the total. Last year, he got 41 percent of the vote running for a seat on the Syracuse Common Council. The Syracuse-area voters supported him in large numbers this year, with Hawkins garnering 5.3 percent of the vote in Onondaga County.

“I have a personal base in Onondaga and adjacent counties,” Hawkins says. “I got over 3 percent in all of them…”

Perhaps now that it is so much easier for them to put candidates on the ballot, the Greens will be more aggressive in running local candidates in New York City. The vast majority of incumbents in the city, both on the Council and the state legislature, currently have little competition. Democrats control every position in Manhattan and the Bronx, every position in Queens but for three members of the City Council, and every position in Brooklyn except for one State Senator. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver ran unopposed this year.

“We got a lot of organizing to do,” said Hawkins.

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