Green candidate for PA state rep. Hugh Giordano thanks supporters; announces effort to organize local Greens, possible 2012 run, and more

From the Hugh Giordano campaign in Philadelphia (I volunteered for Hugh’s campaign, and he received about 18 percent of the vote, while winning a few precincts):

To My Supporters,
 I have sat back and thought about what to say, and all I can say is – Thank you! Thank you to all the thousands of citizens who opened up their mind up and didn’t just vote “A straight corporate ticket.” I earned every single one of your votes on Tuesday because you actively had to look for my name and push that button. I did not have to ride on other politicians’ coattails – or run with a huge corporate party that allows you to just hit a single button to vote for a line of politicians who you don’t even know.
Thank you to the citizens who look at themselves not as a political party that you put on a piece of paper, but as real people who think before they act. You should ALL be so proud of yourselves for not being controlled by the corrupt, corporate system.
Thank you to the thousands of citizens who opened your doors up when I knocked in the rain, heat, and cold. You listened and treated me with respect and dignity. You knew I was at your door because I really cared about all of you. Thanks for the food and drinks you gave me when you knew that I had been knocking on doors for 6 hours and was hungry or thirsty.
Thank you for inspiring me these past 7 months; I could have not done it without all of you. There were days I was walking up hills and steps all day, dragging myself in at night time feeling exhausted. But I would have emails and voicemails from you telling me how happy you were that I was running and how you finally had somebody to vote for! You kept me going, you kept me filled with energy.
I know that many of you are disappointed that we “the people” did not win last night in the election, but we did win! We have done something together that has never been done before! We came together as a people! We did it with no dirty corporate money. We did it without bullying or lying about who and what we are, and we did it using people power –NOT COROPORATE POWER!
We shook the system up, and let me be clear; the system was scared! The Democratic corporate machine was so nervous that they were caught stealing our signs, threatening our volunteers (grown men threatening women), and tried to drown out the peoples’ voices at the polls. But let me make this clear, we are taking action. We have contacted the Committee of Seventy, the District Attorney’s office and even the police. It’s one thing to win a race fair and square, it’s another thing to sit back and know that your people are doing this and let it continue to happen. My opponent was told about this, but never once put out a message on the website or face book denouncing these actions.
 We lost the battle, but not the war! We must continue to stay engaged in this process and continue to fight back against the corruption and lies in Harrisburg. I don’t see a very bright future ahead of us if we sit back and just accept the corporate mindset of Harrisburg. In fact, that mindset has just been strengthened after last night.
So, this is what I am going to do. One of my campaign promises was to have monthly meetings with the citizens of the 194th district, and I wanted to do this so that we could really sit down and talk about the issues in front of us. Well, there is no reason we can’t still do this! Just because I am not a “politician”, does not mean WE AS CITIZENS can’t change the problems around us!   I think we should start a local “194th Green Party Chapter” and have monthly meetings to talk about the issues that affect us. If you were a true supporter of mine, and you believed in what I stood for, then lets get this started!
Contact my website at or Send me your ideas and thoughts; this will be the citizens group, not anyone else’s. Behind every great leader is a leader in the front, side, and back of them – you can be that leader! This is my community, this is your community, and this is OUR COMMUNITY!
Again, thank you for everything you did for me. I won’t forget you; I am and always will be the peoples’ candidate.
Hugh Giordano

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