Green Party of New York garners press by protesting Mayor Bloomberg’s education pick

The Green Party organized a protest earlier today in front of the Hearts Tower in New York City, the former workplace of the newly appointed schools chancellor in the city.  Retired teachers were asking to be hired as the head of the publishing company, since that was Cathie Black’s – that is, the new chancellor’s – job before the appointment.

From The New York Observer:

The five applicants entered the building with resumes and applications in hand. Syracuse also carried a copy of The Complete Guide to Successful Publishing. They said they were not permitted to go further and security officials took their paperwork for the human resources department.

Shanklin said the Green Party’s involvement stems from their commitment to participatory democracy.

“We must save the public schools if we are going to maintain that and hand it on to our children,” Shanklin said. “Mayor Bloomberg is part of an agenda to privatize public schools and turn them into private for-profit businesses.”

From WNYC:

A day after Cathie Black received a waiver from the state education commissioner so she could take the top job in the New York City public school system, a small group of Green Party members responded by staging a protest at her old place of employment, Hearst Corporation headquarters in Midtown Manhattan. Five of them walked through the glass doors to apply for Black’s job as chairwoman of the publishing giant. 

Gloria Mattera, a public school parent and former Green Party candidate for lieutenant governor said that she knew she went in without the necessary prerequisites for the job.

“You will see if you review my resume that I am absolutely unqualified to run a publishing company, which is exactly what Cathie Black is to run the NYC Public School system.”

From the Huffington Post:

Speaking of cross-sector borrowing, a group of teachers from the Green Party will be applying for Ms. Black’s position at Hearst magazines. They will bring books about the publishing industry and ask them to have patience while they “get up to speed.” What do think their odds of getting hired are? Apparently cross-sector borrowing is a one-way street.

From The L Magazine:

  Retired teacher and Green Party enrollee Elizabeth Shanklin puts it in perspective. “Hiring Cathie Black is part of an agenda to destroy the public schools,” she said in that press release. “Cathie Black’s business qualifications and lack of educational qualifications make sense. She doesn’t need educational qualifications because her agenda is to end public schools, make them into a private business. Mayoral control of the public school system continues to treat the education of our children as a business plan.” And Black is less Superwoman than Lex Lutherette.

8 thoughts on “Green Party of New York garners press by protesting Mayor Bloomberg’s education pick

  1. Vaughn

    Protest more, run for office, start a grassroots campaign to end the stock transfer tax rebate. Don’t let the Green line go to waste!

  2. Ross

    Why isn’t Carey Campbell posting on this about how the Greens will nominate Michael Bloomberg in 2012?

  3. End the TSA

    Bloomin’ Bloomberg?

    What’s his stance on the TSA grope and gawk gate rape? We know he’s big on “homeland security” and police cameras all over the place (but against allowing citizens to carry videocameras of their own), and that he endorsed Bush in 2004.

    And we know that under Mayor Bloomberg, the NYPD has continued its own policy of frequent “enhanced patdowns,” especially among Caucasian-challenged communities, that accelerated under Mayor Giuliani. Much of this due to the “war on drugs.” Mayor Mike admits he has smoked the cheeba, and inhaled and enjoyed, but he opposes ending prohibition.

    That doesn’t sound very Green to me. Does it to you?

  4. Ross

    It’s interesting, Pete…a lot of activists have only praise for Howie Hawkins and one I spoke to (who left the Greens for other reasons) actually said that Hawkins is the party’s only chance for success in New York.

  5. pete healey

    Yeah, Howie’s relentless, and that’s his strength… and weakness. He’s also a Social Democrat, not a Green (I draw big distinctions between the two ideologies though most people don’t). So many of us left the Greens “for other reasons” over the last ten years that it’s worth looking at.

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