Illinois exit poll: ‘I voted for change’

From a sampling of voter responses compiled by Phil Dotree at Yahoo News:

“(Democrat gubernatorial candidate Pat) Quinn wants to raise taxes. He won’t get the votes. (Republican candidate Bill) Brady says he’ll never raise taxes. He’ll just cut spending. How will that work when they can’t afford to pay anybody now? I voted Green party. I don’t know. I was mad.” — Andy Carmitchel, retired educator and author, Highland

“I voted for (Libertarian gubernatorial candidate) Lex Green. I think it would be quite a shakeup to have a libertarian in office. In a state that has terrible budget issues, I think that after about two years we’d be living in a very different Illinois.” — Christopher Coburn, health care professional, Belleville

4 thoughts on “Illinois exit poll: ‘I voted for change’

  1. Colin Gabrielson

    I wish people WOULD get mad! I mean the problem with the current system is they get mad and just switch sides… Oh bush was terrible. Vote Obama. Oh Obama is same shit, vote Republican now. You should be saying BOTH are terrible and reject this 2 party bullshit system and vote independent.

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