Illinois Green Party accuses Jeremy Karpen’s opponent Toni Berrios of illegally electioneering
We have reports from multiple precincts that Rep. Berrios is delivering pastries to election judges – which is technically legal – but the pastries are emblazoned with her campaign stickers – which is NOT. That’s illegal electioneering, and because of the way it’s being done, it’s easy to imagine why election judges might not be catching it.

4 thoughts on “Illinois Green Party accuses Jeremy Karpen’s opponent Toni Berrios of illegally electioneering

  1. Kimberly Wilder

    That used to happen in our town of Babylon, Long Island, NY. The local Democratic Party Leader would deliver boxes of donuts to the polling places for the election workers, and they had a sticker or note on them with who it was from.
    He was not so bold as to say the word “Democrat” or a candidate on them. So, we never did think we could catch him.
    But, besides making sure that it is done legally and with ethics, all of this might also cause greens to reflect on how they should be generous to everyone in the election process. Maybe the local Green Party should bring donuts to the polls workers, just not write on them!

  2. Aimee Krause

    not only were they delivering pastries, but they were also illegally removing Karpen signs outside of polling places. The signs that were in place when I went in to vote were removed when I returned home in the evening. I know exactly where the signs were in the morning outside my polling place because I took a photo with a geotag of the location of signs before I went in to place my vote. The Berrios thug who was violating the perimeter of the polling place and electioneering told me stuff disappears all the time.

  3. Steve

    @ Kimberly – the Green Party would have an unfair advantage if they tried this, no stickers needed, just make all the donuts with green frosting.


    I’m so sick of one-sided racial BS in this neighborhood. I can’t wait until they lose their grip on the neighborhood to development. We need some change around here.

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