John Anderson, independent presidential candidate in 1980, comments on today’s politics

An interesting column from Dennis Mikolay (the full thing can be read here):

Anderson received six percent of the vote, and while he didn’t get to move into the White House, he did mobilize thousands of student activists and encouraged a disillusioned nation to vote its conscience.

Some thirty years later, the American political climate is even more divided than it was in 1980, and much to Anderson’s dismay, the two major parties have become even more polarized. The corporate influence over politicians is now widely ignored, and both parties have become more concerned with serving the special interests than their constituents.

“Both [parties] rely too much on contributions and doing favors,” said Anderson. “The Republicans and Democrats are both guilty.”

Until recently, there were limitations on how involved a corporation could become in a political campaign; however, a controversial Supreme Court ruling recently abolished these restrictions. It was a move that particularly startled Anderson:

“I am very unhappy with the ‘Citizens United’ decision of the Supreme Court,” said Anderson. “It said corporations could, without limit, become involved in campaigns. It repealed well-known prescience going all the way to back 1913. We need reform, in both parties, when it comes to the way campaigns are financed. “

While the majority of Americans would agree that campaign finance reform is most certainly needed, there is great debate over how to go about this. The increasing frustration with elected representatives, and the political system in general, has led to the rise of the “Tea Party” movement, which has sought to oust incumbents in an attempt to establish more conservative leadership in America.

While at first glance one could see similarities between the “Tea Parties” and the grassroots movement that propelled Anderson’s 1980 campaign, there are very few ideological similarities between the two, and Anderson feels the “Tea Partiers” may be counterproductive:

“I don’t challenge their good faith,” said Anderson. “But they are looking in the rearview mirror at a time when we need to be looking forward…

9 thoughts on “John Anderson, independent presidential candidate in 1980, comments on today’s politics

  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Either the biggest fake of 1980 [including clown college graduates Ronnie Reagan and Jimmy ‘Olympic Killer’ KKKarter] or just an exceptional, progressive, positive human being *personal experience*! Remember, on the ballot in all 50 states.

  2. Jacob Zychick

    Dennis Mikolay writes some excellent articles and gets some seriously interesting interviews for his article.

    He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Reform Party of New Jersey.

  3. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Except for ONLY 1980, the independent, non government, United States Olympic Committee became one of the few 1896 teams to lose it’s streak of attending each and every Olympics.

    It did so at the bullying, fascist thuggery, of one Mister Carter. When it came to the horrible, uncalled for, actions against the USOC, Carter was an out and out fascist!

    Folks training for years lost their chance at Olympic glory for no good reason. Carter had no good rationale to interfere. The various sports groups still, three decades later, consider Carter a fascist!

  4. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    “President Jimmy Carter informs a group of U.S. athletes that, in response to the December 1979 Soviet incursion into Afghanistan, the United States will boycott the 1980 Olympics in Moscow.

    It marked the first and only time that the United States has boycotted the Olympics.”

    [Lake: ALL of the American Olympic sports are NGOs. All of them. No governmental funding. No governmental over sight. No interference before or after 1980. Damn political fascist Carter!]

  5. susan

    Why do you fools use extreme and false language like KKK and fascist to refer to Jimmy Carter? He is not remotely either one of those things. When a real fascist comes along, will you recognize him? If you do, will anyone heed your warnings? Certainly not, because you’re the moron who said Jimmy Carter is a fascist.

  6. Tiradefaction

    The idea that Carter had links to the KKK is so ludicrous it really speaks more of the person making the claim than Carter himself.

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