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Kristin Davis: post-election statement

Posted at Davis was the Anti-Prohibition Party candidate for Governor of New York.



“My great concern is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with your failure.” – Abraham Lincoln

Running for Governor of the state I love was a great experience. I met and befriended many great people and thank all who voted for me for their support. I am proud that I ran a positive and issue- oriented campaign.

I am proud that 22,000 New Yorkers voted for me to tell Governor-elect Cuomo to keep marriage equality high on his agenda. I support Governor-elect Cuomo’s pledge to provide the leadership to pass and sign a Gay marriage bill. I will do everything I can to support Governor-elect Cuomo’s efforts.

To me this is libertarian principle in action. I will continue to support this cause as well as decriminalizing prostitution to drive the sex traffickers and those who exploit women out of the business. I also think spending $390 million a year on marijuana arrests is fiscal stupidity.

I knew from the start this would be a difficult race. I am well aware of the stereotype associated with me due to my past business of being a Madam. I’m also aware that being blonde and looking the way I do comes with another stereotype. My campaign was not about me- it was about an agenda of personal and economic freedom.

I also hoped voters would understand that I was held accountable for breaking the law and paid my debt to society while the Spitzers, Patersons and Hevesis break the law and pay no penalty. It’s time our leaders in Albany are held accountable.

Rather then change myself, I wanted to be myself to show the people of New York who I am – not just put on an act for them. Too many of our career politicians or those seeking to get into politics sell us on what they think we want to see but then sell us out once they get any sort of power.

My campaign faced many challenges and succeeded. No one thought we would get on the ballot but in August we filed 23,000 valid voter signatures to become a certified candidate. No one thought I would do well debate but I think I did. And many of those in politics didn’t think New Yorkers cared about these issues – but they do.

I realize that many people are still skeptical that an ex-Madam could possibly be a good choice for New York. During my campaign I have spoken to people throughout the state who have come to know me and entrust me to be a voice that fights for equal rights and speaks up about social injustice. I’m not going to let those people down. If I can use my notoriety for a good public cause I will continue to do so.

Even though we did not get 50,000 votes to secure a permanent ballot spot, I’m not going anywhere. I’ve made a vow to the people who voted for me and who care for these issues to continue fighting for them. And that’s what I intend to do.

Thank you to all of those who voted for me. Your vote counted and I assure you I intend to keep fighting this fight. There is no one that will fight harder for New Yorkers then me.

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  1. paulie paulie November 4, 2010

    Maybe if she changes her mind about property rights for religious minorities.

  2. Andrew Miller Andrew Miller November 4, 2010

    Kristin Davis for Mayor in 2013 !

    New York needs a libertarian agenda !

  3. silly putty silly putty November 4, 2010

    Kristin the governor does not pass bills or make law. If you are actually serious about gay marriage you would have run against Ruben Diaz. Stop being a tool for Roger Stone.

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