Vermont Progressive Party 2010 Convention, Burlington, November 20

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Join us for our annual Convention on Saturday, November 20th, from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM. We will be meeting at Burlington High School at 52 Institute Road in Burlington. Help celebrate our victories, and chart the course ahead for the next two years.

At our meeting, we will:

* Discuss the role of Progressives and the future of wind power in Vermont;
* Discuss the work ahead in the fight against corporate personhood;
* Hear from Chris Pearson, Anthony Pollina and Doug Hoffer about their view of the election and where we are as a result;
* Introduce our 2011-2012 Progressive State House caucus and learn about their agenda for the upcoming session; and
* Fill the vacancy of Assistant Treasurer.

RSVP via facebook or just show up, and bring a friend.

2 thoughts on “Vermont Progressive Party 2010 Convention, Burlington, November 20

  1. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Why all the hub bub about alternative politics? What is wrong with things the way they are? The Republicrats and the Democans are doing a good job — generally. There are no big scandals ——– are there?

    LARRY MARGASAK, Associated Press – 25 minutes ago – WASHINGTON –

    “Rep. Charles Rangel, once one of the most influential House members, was convicted Tuesday [16 November 2010] on 11 counts of breaking ethics rules and now faces punishment.

    The veteran New York lawmaker immediately denounced the verdict as unfair.

    An ethics panel of eight House peers deliberated over two days before delivering a jarring blow to the 20-term New York Democrat’s career. Rangel was charged with 13 counts of financial and fund raising misconduct.”

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