WA Green Party to host Pacific Northwest Green gathering in Seattle Nov. 13

Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Green Party of Washington State (GPoWS) will be hosting a regional gathering of members (and potential members) of the Green Party on Saturday, 13 November 2010. Greens from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, Alaska, and beyond are invited to join us in Seattle for a day of fun, including motivational speakers, music, and food.

Participate in developing the Green Party vision.

Reconnect with old friends and meet new ones.

Discuss the state of the world and what we can do together to better it.

Learn how to form a Campaign Support System to encourage Green Party candidates and legislative measures.

Listen to David Korten, noted author of “When Corporations Rule the World”, talk about how “the economy we came to collectively worship as an engine of perpetual wealth creation was nothing more than an illusion based on massive fraud and self-deception” and how “spending trillions of dollars in an effort to restore Wall Street to its original condition is a reckless waste of time and resources”.

Door Prizes! — including two copies of David Korten’s book “Agenda for a New Economy: From Phantom Wealth to Real Wealth”.

Silent auction. We welcome your White Elephants that need a new home!

Interact with retired Human Ecology professor Don Wilkin as he discusses how population growth, including that outside of “third world countries” can undo every effort we make to become more “green”. Dr. Wilkin will guide attendees through an examination of the shortcomings of the Green Party’s national platform concerning Population issues and will work with the group to collectively develop a list of suggested changes to be submitted to the national platform committee for the 2012 updates.

Bring and share your favorite foods.

Find out the latest from the Gifford Pinchot Task Force on the exploratory drilling for minerals at Mt. St. Helens where the U.S. Forest Service has NOT followed the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) allowing the public to comment about various stages of the project.

Talk about your vegetable garden and energy saving techniques.

Enjoy a singing performance by the popular group Raging Grannies.

Have fun!

Please email your ideas for other discussion groups to:
email address 2010 dash gathering at gpows dot org  				is displayed graphically here

Location and Registration Information

Venue: Calvary Lutheran Church, 7002 23rd Avenue NW, Seattle, Washington (Ballard neighborhood)

Registration: $25 suggested donation (please complete the registration form and bring it with you to the Regional Green Gathering)

Click here to download a
2010 Pacific Northwest Regional Green Gathering
registration form

As Always: Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds, so please chip in a bit more if you are able to assist a financially strapped person to attend this great event.

Potluck Lunch: Please bring a dish or two to share, and/or kick-in in a bit to help cover the costs of a couple of soups that some of our locals are bringing. Dishes which reflect Green values like “sustainability” and “ecological wisdom” will be especially appreciated.

Please email any questions to the planning team at:
email address 2010 dash gathering at gpows dot org  				is displayed graphically here

See more details at the Washington Green Party website.

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