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Peter LaVenia, co-chair of NY State Green Party: ‘Let a thousand Wikileaks bloom’

From Dissident Voice (read the full thing here):

Wikileaks is the most important thing to happen to the cause of democratic rule since the multitude of grassroots uprisings in 1968. Even sympathetic commentators miss the fundamentally radical threat to the existence of the bureaucratic state it represents; Wikileaks is most powerful contemporary weapon in the arsenal of radical, grassroots transparency advocates and democrats. A decentralized plethora of Wikileaks-type websites focused on local, state, and national affairs in every nation, scouring for document leaks from governments, corporations, and organizations has the potential to shatter an intrinsic part of the modern state’s anti-democratic structure: the ability of bureaucrats and officials to hide decisions and actions from the demos itself. Not only can this be done with the tools now available to us, it must be done.


  1. Ross Ross December 8, 2010

    TDS – Wikileaks has released documents on the “leviathan” of US foreign policy, ie the US Empire. That’s something the Greens are 100% against. If you got out of the four wars we’re in, off the the hundreds of military bases we’re on, defunded corrupt contractors and military industrial firms, etc, that would shrink government in the best possible way.

    Not to mention, a government with welfare systems and regulations can be transparent, which is the focus of the piece.

  2. TDS TDS December 8, 2010

    There’s just one problem with that.

    The Green Party’s platform effectively requires a leviathan government and bureaucratic state able to combat corporations and impose its regulations. There is no way it could implement its plans without it. Therefore, the Greens, by supporting this, basically are supporting shooting themselves in the foot.

  3. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 6, 2010


    Suggest you remember those good citizens working at TSA are trying their best to serve the greater good. They, like we, are trying to serve, the “beloved community” that Martin Luther King Jr. cited, MLK’s understanding of the teaching of Jesus, and the phrase Green Party founder Petra Kelly so loved to quote.

    Please permit a real world example of their good work and service.

    My family and I traveled to the Green Party convention in Freiburg, Germany two weeks ago.
    We were treated with great kindness, respect, and dignity by all the people working for TSA and at the airport. As a devoted, and proud American taxpayer of 38 years, I felt every penny was well invested.

    Paulie, I thank you for your courage in supporting Wikileaks. On that we agree.

    I think the pro secrecy overblown. It’s the regular spoon fed nonsense to distract us from what really matters.

    Remember Daniel Patrick Moynihan, (who we always enjoyed celebrating Christmas Eve Mass with at St. Patricks in DC, and shall miss again this year).

    Senator Moynihan wrote an entire book (still treasured in my personal library) on the dangers of secrecy to our Republic and our democratic institutions.

    And, on that count, I say also, Amen!

    And my God bless in the spirit of the season.

  4. Ross Ross December 6, 2010

    I don’t think Chomsky’s remarks are over the top at all. There is a common pattern of the habits of the ruling class – through torture, spying on citizens, locking up innocent activists, launching illegal and unnecessary wars, and so on – and that’s authoritarianism, it’s the hatred of democracy (even if not in thought or rhetoric, but in practice).

  5. paulie paulie December 6, 2010


    Let a thousand Wikileaks bloom…and Let Freedom Grow!


  6. Tiradefaction Tiradefaction December 6, 2010

    Bank of America is next….:D

  7. Carey Campbell Carey Campbell December 5, 2010

    Thanks for the Green Party courage on this issue.

    Many Greens have spoken out. I do think the Chomsky quote is over the top. Still hyperbole in politics is nothing new.

    My favorite quotes on this subject, and already posted here at IPR, but that are worthy of repeating…from the President of the Green Party in the European Parliament, Dany Cohn Bendit…

    “Secrets,…What Secrets…this was all known before….”

  8. Ross Levin Ross Levin Post author | December 5, 2010

    As Noam Chomsky said, it reveals the, I think he said, “profound hatred of democracy” on the part of the US ruling class.

  9. d.eris d.eris December 5, 2010

    The hysterical reaction to the most recent Wikilieaks document dump clearly reveals who the greatest enemies of free speech and the free press are in the United States: the dead-enders of the Republican and Democratic parties.

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