Florida TEA Party response to the State of the Union

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Good evening. I am Peg Dunmire, Chairman of the Florida TEA Party. What is your American Dream?

You may want to start your own business; invent new products; or move to take a new job. You may want to own your own house; we all want our children to have a better life than we have had; and we want our parents and us to age graciously and with dignity.

So I ask you: Is our government helping you reach your American Dream? Let’s review the facts.

* 14.5 million Americans are unemployed.
* $1.5 trillion was spent last year that we don’t have.
* President Obama led landmark legislation that will destroy our world class medical system.
* And the presence of 12 million illegal aliens in our country shouts that people from all over the world want the American Dream.
* Gasoline prices are up 55% since the President has been in office. Our choices for where we travel, when we travel and how we travel are integral to our American Dream. But the Obama administration does not share this dream.
* Whether we are visiting grandma or going on a vacation or traveling for business, we have millions of ways that we pursue our American Dreams. And while we are traveling through the airports, TSA agents grope us without respect for our rights.

Floridians, we must have a society where travel is easy and inexpensive. We must have an economy where people want to vacation in Florida. We want businesses to relocate here and hire our workforce. The State of the Union is the State of Florida.

So I ask you: What is the state of the union? I lay the state of the union right at the feet of our politicians from the President of the United States to the newest representative elected in November.

November 2nd 2010, the people spoke. But since the election, we have spent $336 billion we don’t have. And we continue to spend $4.17 billion every day that we do not have.

Tonight, the President called for investment in our infrastructure and education. This is NOT responsible. The President is not changing course. Tonight, Representative Paul Ryan pledged that the Republicans are united to bring our fiscal house into order. We in the Florida TEA Party are 100% in support of this goal.

Our politicians have put spending YOUR tax dollars on autopilot. They have passed legislation to make their favorite programs “mandatory spending.” They have built in automatic increases to entitlements and spending. Everywhere you look at federal spending, there are mandatory programs and automatic increases. This way the politicians are not accountable. They are the Teflon men and women. No one can hold any of them accountable!

The TEA Party calls on Representative Paul Ryan to lead NOW. Start with passing a one-page piece of legislation. Repeal ALL mandates and ALL automatic expenditures and ALL automatic increases to spending. EVERYTHING must be on the table to be reviewed and reprioritized and changed so we are living within our means. STOP the automatic spending NOW. Bring our country’s House in order NOW. Politicians, do your job NOW.

Americans will do theirs: They will dream, the American Dream.

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  1. paulie Post author

    Dunmire also participated in a recent debate, taking the side against cutting military spending. TEA party is supposed to be saying we are Taxed Enough Already. What would a TEA partier be doing speaking out against government budget cuts?

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