Libertarian Ron Vandevender To Run For Governor of Montana

A new candidate has emerged in the open seat gubernatorial race in Montana. From the Great Falls Tribune:

[Ron] Vandevender lives near Craig and twice unsuccessfully has run for a seat state House District 84.

“I look forward to the opportunity in the coming months to work with the press and the people, not just to share my views and my ideas, but to listen to them also,” he said. “This includes city/county leaders, civic groups and the citizens themselves. I want their input. After all, the state belongs to us all, not just a select few or a political party.”

Born in Orange County, Calif., Vandevender spent most of his younger years in Mississippi. A press release states that he has a bachelor’s degree in management and finance.

His involvement in politics started as a high-school student working on campaigns of city council candidates.

He served on the Yazoo County Chamber of Commerce Board Of Directors and the Yazoo County Republican Executive Committee. In 1996, he ran for Congress in Mississippi’s second congressional district.

He moved to Montana in 1999. He lives completely off the grid with his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

4 thoughts on “Libertarian Ron Vandevender To Run For Governor of Montana

  1. Richard Winger

    If one looks at the 2010 election returns in each state for whatever office was closest to the top of the ballot, Montana was the most Libertarian state in the nation in 2010. Mike Fellows got 5.74% for U.S. House-at-large, which was the most important office up in 2010 in Montana (there was no gubernatorial race and no US Senate race). Second was Indiana, where the Libertarian running for US Senate, Rebecca Sink-Burris, got 5.41%.

  2. Allen

    Montana had the highest vote total for a candidate for Congress in a 3-way race, with over 20,000 votes in 2010.

  3. Daniel R Peterson

    The two monopoly parties (Demican and Republicrat) are locked in a wrestling grip at about the same size and weight, getting nowhere. Think gridlock. We need to break them up to get a glimmer of creativity and minority viewpoint thru……………

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