Pacific Greens: Rally against the proposed legislation and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Medford

Pacific Greens via On The Wilder Side:

This February, legislation will be introduced Salem that would change the definition of “applicant” for removal-fill permits. If passed, this bill will fast-track the permitting process for the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline by allowing companies to apply for permits on landowners’ property without their knowledge or consent. This would be a huge benefit for the pipeline company and having these permits would make it even easier for the company to gain access to swaths of peoples’ property.
We can stop the bill and stop the pipe. We need to stand together and send a clear message to the company and our politicians: Stop the Pipe!

What: Rally against the Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline and proposed legislation.
When: Thursday, January 27th from 12-1PM.
Where: 700 block East Main St., downtown Medford.

RSVP for the event by following this link.
Carpools are available.
In Winston, meet in Abby’s Pizza parking lot at 10AM.

In Canyonville, meet at the library at 10:30AM.
In Roseburg, meet across the street from the library at 10AM.

If passed, this bill will:
• Let companies to apply for permits on your land without your knowledge or consent.
• Fast-track the permitting process for the Pacific Connector Pipeline.
• Harm landowners and devalue property rights in our state.

To learn more about the proposed legislation, visit this page.

This is how we show our legislators that there is diverse opposition to this bill. We need you to attend – please join us!
If you have any questions, please contact Monica Vaughan at (541) 521-1832.

p.s. Last week, our coalition sent a request asking you to submit a public comment on the Port of Coos Bay’s application for a slip dock to accommodate the Jordan Cove LNG terminal. Over 1044 public comments from Oregonians were submitted opposing the project – blowing our initial goal of 500 out of the water. Thank you! Because of your overwhelming response, DSL has extended the commenting deadline to February 12th. At this point, please only submit substantive comments on any discrepancies between the Port of Coos Bay’s permit application and the state’s criteria for granting a fill/removal permit. If you would like to submit substantial comments at this point, please spend time filling out your detailed comments on DSL’s online comment form found here.

One thought on “Pacific Greens: Rally against the proposed legislation and Pacific Connector Pipeline in Medford

  1. Anonymous

    We must keep an open mind in regards to this potential project and the impacts it will have, both pro and con.

    Since the timber industry was decimated years ago in Southern Oregon, the local economies have never fully recovered, this project would create numerous well needed jobs in Southern Oregon and in turn would increase the tax base.

    I understand first hand the concerns the private property owners have in regards to condemnation being utilized. I am a private property owner myself and I too had condemnation procedures enacted on my property. I was paid fare market value and I realized it was for the good of the whole.

    There are miles and miles of pipelines in this Country that the majority of people are unaware of. If there are no pipelines there would be no fuel for our home, our business, our schools and our basic infrastructure.

    We as a nation have slowly begun instigating green energy from the wind turbine farms to the solar farms. This alone will not satisfy our appetite for fuel. We will continue needing petroleum fuel for the time being. In the future I do believe we will go to 100% green fuel, but our technology does not allow that at this time.

    Let us put the people back to work, we have that obligation as a great nation.

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