Three Green Party Co-chairs resign from national Steering Committee

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Three Green Party Co-chairs Resign from Steering Committee

Last week three members of the Green Party (US) Steering Committee resigned their positions as co-chairs of the Party days before two of them were to face votes to “Recall” them from office. Craig Thorsen (CA) and Mike Feinstein (CA) were both facing votes to remove them as Steering Committee members based on allegedly removing proposals from the Green Party National Committee’s online voting application without authorization. The third, Julie Jacobson (HI), who was not being recalled, had indicated that she was involved with the actions of the other two to remove proposals before the National Committee could vote on them and was the first of the three to resign from the Steering Committee.

The Green Party (US) Steering Committee consists of seven elected co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary, all elected for staggered two year terms. The resignation of the three members effective last Friday leaves the Steering Committee with three vacant seats out of nine positions. Elections to fill those seats will likely be held by the Green Party National Committee in February of this year.

Note: This news is confirmed by the fact that the names of the three Co-Chairs are already removed from the Steering Committee list at the national website: here.

21 thoughts on “Three Green Party Co-chairs resign from national Steering Committee

  1. Michael Cavlan RN

    As many of my former Green Party friends and allies say

    There is a fascinating soap opera on right now.
    It is called “As The Green Turd Turned.”

    Deeply ironic isn’t it? Mike Feinstein is the leading delegate from California. At one time the state of California had one of the largest amounts of evil, evil Ralph Nader supporters. They have all virtually fled the GP. In fact that was one of the huge issues with the Nader supporters and their (perceived) disenfranchisement. The strength of the California Delegation on the National level.

    The California Delegates (and Hawaii) now vote in unison with Mike Feinstein.

    What makes this really fun is that the aforementioned issue that Mike and Company tried to keep from voting on was, in part a statement to the International Greens. Part of the statement was on ISRAEL.

    Mike Feinstein is a Zionist.

    Most of the people in California who left the California GP are opposed to the racist state of Israel. Most “evil” Naderittes were/are anti-Zionist.

    What makes this REALLY FUN is taking the earlier article of the

    Open Letter To A Broke Green Party

    From California..

    You know who did so much of the very necessary and needed WORK of calling, organizing and every day grunt work to build and sustain a political party of opposition in California?

    Nader supporters. People like Nativo Lopez in South California, organizing with the Latino population.

    This is like, the ultimate Karma Man.

    Which is PRECISELY what those of us who considered Nader supporters as ALLIES and friends to be DEFENDED warned the National Green Party about.

    As the Green Turd Turned indeed.

    Carry on. The lessons of the past 10+ years have been taken into account.

    Time to build an alternative to the pro-war, corporate money party with two wings.

    Like we really mean it.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN

    By The Way

    Still committed to exposing the farce, psuedo democracy one money party with two wings.

    Including those who thru “safe states” “only run small local races” and “only run in Republican areas” carry water for a certain un-“Democratic” wing of said corrupted system.

    As the Green Turd Turned

  3. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    [a] Momma always said, don’t you listen to gossip and rumor.

    [b] ineffective and uneffectual advise

    [c] whether you morally stop the train of information with youi, it is still usually a treasure trove of data

    [d] Calvan is from Ireland / now in Minn Ass Soda

    [e] Lake is from the Heartland, then Arid Zona, and now Southern California

    [f] Calvan politely and not so politely pushes away from potential ally Lake, no emails, no greeting cards

    [g] Lake sends cards, letters, emails, kisses, hugs ——– all unrequited ……..

    [h] I’se justa sayin Calvin and Lake are independent political operatives, orbiting in different circles, er, ah, um ellipses.

    [i] Lake can verify, [pro Nader P2004 and P2008] INDEPENDENTLY, each paragraph of the original missive AND Calvin’s reply.

    [j] Same with Feinstein clone / puppet: Bruce [IPR] Cohen. Both have broadly indicated that the Israeli murder of non combatant sailors in international waters aboard the US Liberty was more than justifiable

    [k] Same for murder of unarmed aid workers in international waters in 2010 ??????

    [m] I have been to Jerusalem, thrice B4 I was 25 *

    [n] I support Israel’s right to exist

    [o] but not blindly, unconditionally

    [p] the US Senator Lieberman / John Dennis Coffey / John Blare model of Israel First American Zionism is extremely patriotic —– but not on THIS side of the Ocean

    [q] “paulie // Jan 17, 2011: BTW Kimberly, speaking of, Don L ……..” NO ONE was speaking of me, Mister Coty Quirk Junior, Mister ‘Making it up as you go along’, Mister liar …….

    * taking the Bible at it’s continually translation history, Christ was NOT born in December, as either the tenth [of ten] or the twelfth [of twelve] month of the [later] Gregorian year.

    Christ was also NOT born in the Roman Year Zero, inspite of that greatly respected academic source, *sarcasm* [1984] ‘Back To the Future’ [movie]

  4. paulie

    [q] “paulie // Jan 17, 2011: BTW Kimberly, speaking of, Don L ……..” NO ONE was speaking of me, Mister Coty Quirk Junior, Mister ‘Making it up as you go along’, Mister liar …….

    Huh? You did make the claim, I’m just asking whether there was an actual fact there I missed. The fact that you made the claim is easily verifiable, and as for my alleged lies, you still haven’t shown any – just some statements I don’t think I ever made and one that was actually true.

  5. Kimberly Wilder

    Re: Mike Feinstein

    One of the reasons that I got frustrated with the national Green Party was that an article was placed in the national newspaper that encouraged young people to go on these friendship tours with Israel, where the participants hob nobbed with political and military leaders. Mike Feinstein is very involved in the Green Pages, and I feel that he probably had something to do with placing that article.

    The article is below:

    Mike Feinstein did not write it. But, I was on the Green Pages staff for a time, and I noted that Mike Feinstein was the invisible force that solicited and/or approved most articles.

  6. Kimberly Wilder

    Ian Wilder is still enrolled in the Green Party in New York State.

    We have heard rumors from many angles that he is not.

    Some of it may just be confusion. Ian declined to run for the State Committee. In other words, he is still a devoted Green Party member, he just doesn’t want a leadership role in the state.

    Some of the reason for the rumors (and I am not sure who said what where) may be people just think it is convenient to confuse the issue. Yes, I – Kimberly Wilder – did leave the Green Party. But, my husband is his own person. And, he is still in.

    Ian Wilder is also an officer in the Green Party of Suffolk County. And, the Green Party of Suffolk is very excited about the greens gaining ballot status in NY. So, lots of good energy and good projects should be starting up again.

  7. paulie

    Thanks for clearing that up.

    Lake, I think I see where you got confused this time.

    You may notice a comma where I wrote “speaking of,” what I meant was speaking of people resigning from the Greens and/or speaking of the article Cavlan mentions in #1. If I had meant “speaking of Lake” there would have been no comma there. I did mean to include a few more words and then forgot to go back and put them in (one or the other above – I hadn’t decided which).

    Instead of jumping on people and claiming they are lying, you may wish to check and see some time what they actually meant, whether they made a mistake in writing or whether you made a mistake in interpreting what you read, both of which happen frequently.

    I’m not going to call you a liar for repeating false information you heard elsewhere, as I presume you believed it to be true. I’m sure, however, if it was the other way around, you’d be calling me a liar for doing so from now until the end of your days.

  8. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    More, By the Way ……….

    ‘Things’ become so much clearer when you are given more of the story:

    2004: Chief local Nader / Camejo coordinator in Southern California; Better Veterans Home literally kept Nader as a write in option.

    2004 – 2005: (so called) reformers John Blare, John Dennis Coffey, John Bambey, and Valli Sharpe Geisler dismantled the national lRf Party blog and print monthly as an article on the Israeli murders on the USS Liberty was blocked and blocked again. Lake was the duly elected ‘Chair of the National Communications Committee’, aka: com com, and de facto ‘publisher’.

    2005: pure non sense sub terrainen inter ferrence by west coast and national greens on Citizens For A Better Veterans Home proposals / platforms for a state and national ‘Veterans Work Group’

    2011: shades of Bruce Cohen and Mike Feinstein, OF COURSE, the fix was in. Folks that do John Blare style mischief on agenda would gladly cripple an out side group’s contribution to the greater good. OF COURSE, it is sooooooooooo clear, now!

    2011: Feinstein resigns, and lots of folks have known for a while that his real center of the universe is Jerusalem. *

    2011: Hawaiian Green Girl: Israel First American Zionist status not clear, but not a ‘Kingdom of Hawaii’ or ‘Republic of Hawaii’ water carrier. Seems happy with 49 or 50 units on the stars and stripes.

    Hey, any friend of Mike Feinstein’s ………

    * like an Italian American whom is not only pro Italy, but also Roma Primo and even pro mafia!

  9. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    NO ONE was speaking to or for me ON THIS THREAD. And with in the past few minutes. And even if Kim Kim was typing about me on her site, with out references, it would not apply.

    p, you do this shit all the time. and then [like Bruce Cohen and Mike Feinstein, and like Tom Knapp and Doctor Phillies] you self declare that you [and Fox News?] are ‘fair and balanced’ ……..

    In a petition collector’s ass! You just pull stuff out of the air. You just make things up, and then label them as facts! No one was talking about Don Lake. [and you know it ………]

    May be you are just thinking about me. Constantly. [I have always been ‘into’ girls. I might contact you if that changes.]

  10. paulie

    I already explained that I did not either say or mean to say that anyone was speaking to or about you on this thread. Your reading comprehension is unbelievably bad.

    Even after the mistake is explained to you, you persist.

    May be you are just thinking about me. Constantly.

    No, but you seem to be thinking about me. Constantly. Now, please buzz off.

  11. paulie

    LOTS of folks think / say that Ian Wilder is former green.

    Lots of folks think/say false rumors. I would think his wife would know better than people spreading misinformation, but apparently she’s not authoritative enough as a source for you?


  12. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    lots and lots of main stream greens have negative things to say about Kim Kim ——- altho most of them like her parties and the Wilders’ musical entertainment.

    lots and lots of folks lie on a regular basis. Kim Kim has never mentioned Ian’s partisan entanglement to her. How can she be an authority if I have not heard the ‘gospel’?

    Besides, this is the same woman whom begged [well, AOK, asked] alternative political types to bring up questions about the GP on her site in early 2010.

    I do not remember if she answered ANY of the requests. She sure did not respond to my ‘Twenty Questions’ …….. then I emailed them, with out bounce, twice.

    Use Kimberly Wilder as an authority? With out verification, I would not.

    Mister p: ‘you think’ ——— no you don’t! Like most of the rest of the human condition, you often assume and presume.

    Like Hammer of Truth, Feinstein, Tesslier, Rider, Phillies, Knappster, Quirk, Grundmann and most ‘reformers’ you do not look in the mirror when accused —– you turn the mirror 180 degrees.

    LP battle cry, ‘Ya gotta see it our way.’

    No I don’t! The worst enemy to LP growth: the [sadly lacking] ‘know it all’ attitude of lots of Libertarian activists. Just ask around.

    Mrs Wilder as an authoritarian resource? Why stop there? Hammer of Truth, Mike Feinstein, Bruce Cohen, Captain Coty Banks Quirk, Doctor Jill Stein, Doctor Donald Grundmann, Doctor George Phillies, John Dennis Coffey, JD ……….

  13. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    Kimberly Wilder // Jan 17, 2011:

    “Ian Wilder is still enrolled in the Green Party in New York State.
    We have heard rumors from many angles that he is not. ”

    ———- Just confirming HER WORDS. Why did p turn it into some thing else?

  14. paulie

    Lake, do you seriously mean to question whether Kimberly is an authority as to whether her husband is still in the Green Party? Really? No, you gotta be kidding, right?

    ROFL. Thanks for the entertainment.

  15. Kimberly Wilder


    Because I have so much to do, and so much on my plate, the first few times Don Lake said I did not answer his questions, I used to feel bad and think I ignored him. So, a few times, I went back to the questions. And, they are really silly, scattered, and useless. I think one is about what the Green Party logo is. Not something I could effect.

    In addition, please, no one has to use me as an authority on Ian Wilder’s enrollment. If someone cares, they could send a FOIL request to the Suffolk County Board of Elections. That would pretty much answer the question. Ian Wilder is an enrolled Green Party member.

  16. Michael Cavlan RN

    Don Lake

    Sorry Sir.

    I have never meant any disrespect to you at all.

    Quite the opposite.
    Hey, as a Vet you may appreciate this.

    My honey is Native American. Ojibwe.

    Natives have a deep respect for the Warrior. All Vets.

    At her (our) Church they ALWAYS make me stand with the Vets. They found out (via my Honey) about my own “service.” Not the American kind. Not the “official” kind.

    The IRISH kind.

    From one Vet to another.

    Respect Brother.

  17. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    I mistrust much of what she says.

    I did only re – enforce her feelings that many folks report Ian Wilder as a former green. That’s all. I was not disputing her state ment that Ian is Green. I was echoing that a lot of people say he isn’t.

    How interesting that Kim took the time to respond to my icon / symbolism /mascot query.

    I am happy to provide such entertainment and am constantly amazed at p’s comments on my postings when GROSS examples of mis communications exist all over these threads.

  18. Ian Wilder

    The rumors of my un-enrollment have been greatly exaggerated. I have been enrolled in the Green Party continuously since 2000, and still am. In fact, I am Secretary of my County Party and am busy planning our annual meeting. May your New Year be filled with Peace, Love and Joy.

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