Video: How NOT to Bring in New Libertarians

From Doug Scribner, by way of the Advocates for Self-Government:

Sharon Harris writes,

Here’s a great way to improve your libertarian outreach: watch this short and hilarious video showing how NOT to do it!

“What NOT To Say At A Libertarian Party Outreach Booth,” is a wonderful video by award-winning filmmaker Doug Scribner, with the help of some very talented friends.

It was filmed in Bill Todd’s office on a set that looks exactly like an actual Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) outreach booth. Watch some real-life libertarians deliberately making several of the fundamental communication errors that, in one way or another, we libertarians sometimes commit in our earnest efforts to win the public to our side.

Basically, these guys do everything the Advocates teaches people NOT to do. It’s a laugh riot — with a message.

Among the actors is the late David Nolan, creator of the Nolan Chart that is the foundation of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Mark Selzer turns in an Academy-Award-worthy performance as the most unpersuasive gun rights advocate ever (I hope!). And Doug does a great job as a booth visitor who starts out as a prospective libertarian, but ends up… well, you’ll see!

You’ll find out how not to deal with the issue of education in a segment produced and starring Mark Hilgenberg — keep the children away!

I’ll confess, I’ve made some of these errors myself (though maybe not QUITE as badly). Perhaps you know someone who has made them, too? Perhaps someone very close?

I love this video. ENJOY!

Editorial comment (from Paulie, not from IPR): Another great way to NOT bring in any new Libertarians which Doug and crew overlooked: Don’t do outreach booths at all.

9 thoughts on “Video: How NOT to Bring in New Libertarians

  1. An approach.

    Basically it is simple, You say Hi from the booth, then you say do you like intrusive government. Then the people will either approach you with questions and you answer. Let the client come out and do most of the talking then you ask would you like to take a flyer, start with a couple and if they want more, than give them more, Basically if you have the table set up and everything laid out, they will look a lot on there own. My approach got people signing up more than some others I have seen.

  2. Andy

    LOL! Wow, this was a blast from the past. I remember Mark Selzer playing this video at an LP meeting in the San Fernando over 10 years ago.

  3. Well paulie @2

    I guess we found another agreement from the usual.
    I am guessing you said yep to my posting.

  4. FYI! [More Don Lake]

    Don’t worry ’bout bringing them in ——- be scared to extinction that they do not stay after they get to know the ins and outs of LP life.

    2000: murmurs of the video went ’round the state, in and out of LP land, until the general election. What happens in LP meetings is broad casted at the speed of gab.

  5. Down and Out in Dixie

    Worry about bringing them in. New people is the only way to go. Lots of them, constantly.

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