Wayne Root: What Will Obama Do if Egyptian-Style Crisis, Unrest & Revolt Hits America?

By Wayne Allyn Root, Former Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee and Best-Selling Author

Barack Obama and the U.S. government have called for a “peaceful transition” in Egypt, in response to massive protests, riots and escalating anarchy. But I wonder if President Obama is taking notes? I wonder if he realizes just how close America is to facing a similar crisis that could result in riots, revolt in the streets, and economic paralysis. I wonder if President Obama would act much different than President Mubarak in Egypt. So far, small signs hint that Obama might turn out to be just as intolerant to dissent as Mubarak. 

Think it couldn’t happen here? Think again. Let’s review the economic crisis that America faces at this very moment. Just in the days since Obama’s State of the Union speech there have been numerous signs that the U.S. faces an economic Armageddon. Dark storm clouds are fast approaching: 

* The U.S. budget deficit is far more than even economic experts imagined. 

* Unemployment is up yet again — far more than the experts projected.

*Social Security shortfalls are bigger and have happened sooner than any expert predicted — a decade sooner.

*Fourth Quarter GDP was lower than projected — and even the figure released was merely the result of the Fed printing fake money 24 hours a day, to create false consumer confidence, to prop up a U.S. economy that is falling off a cliff.

* The foreclosure crisis is deepening beyond what any expert imagined. As a result, real estate prices are falling even further, thereby threatening not only consumer spending, but the very survival of major banks.

* Inflation is skyrocketing on the two things that matter most — food and energy prices. One more disaster — perhaps the fall of Egypt, leading to an oil crisis — could lead to a hyperinflation that could turn America into a combination of Zimbabwe and the Weimar Republic.

* We already face economic Armageddon on a state and local level. U.S. cities, counties and states are teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. Their grave financial condition is the result of massive unsustainable spending and debt, caused in large part by irresponsible public employee salaries, pensions and health benefits. The worst part of this crisis is that the stimulus money is gone and the federal government is bankrupt, unable to bail itself out, let alone the cities, counties and states. 

*There are early signs of revolt and anarchy here in America — with a record number of policemen shot and killed during a two-week period in January.

* The Middle East threatens to turn into a powder keg that could lead not to democracy, but to radical Islamic control of many Arab countries. This grave new threat to America, American interests, and the survival of our ally Israel, would lead to more military spending and a potential oil crisis that could engulf and overwhelm the U.S. economy. In our current vulnerable economic state this tragedy could set off a worldwide economic panic. 

* Japan’s credit rating was downgraded on what most economists agree is a disastrous slide toward oblivion. Japan’s debt is so huge it can never be repaid. As one famous economist describes the crisis they are facing: “Japan is a bug in search of a windshield.” Japan’s impending implosion could also trigger a worldwide economic panic. 

 * Spain just announced unemployment of over 20%. Not only does this news threaten the survival of the EU, it also drives a stake through Obama’s strategy for saving the U.S. economy by creating green jobs. Spain proves there is no market for green jobs. The whole idea is a mirage created by leftist progressive politicians desperately grasping for straws.

 Can you imagine that all of this toxic news has occurred in only the few days since Obama’s State of the Union? Our economy, our country, and global conditions are deteriorating faster than any expert imagined. The threats we face are unprecedented. Although they are running the presses 24/7, our Fed can’t print money fast enough to keep up with deteriorating conditions.

 Our “real” U.S. unemployment may in fact be close to 20%. Among youth and minorities unemployment may be well over 30%. For the first time in modern history, there are few jobs for millions of new college graduates, while they each face education debt of $100,000 or more. There are seemingly no jobs at all for minority youth without college educations. All at the same time that prices are exploding for basic essentials. Sound familiar? Those are the exact same incendiary ingredients that led to revolt, revolution, and anarchy in Egypt.

 So how will President Obama react to massive protests, riots, and revolt in the USA? Will he choose to shut down the Internet? He criticizes Mubarak, yet Obama is already asking Congress for the authority to do just that (without judicial review). Will Obama cut off access to Facebook and Twitter? Will he try to shut down talk radio and FOX News? Obama and his Democratic allies have already suggested doing that (before a true crisis) with “The Fairness Act.” Will Obama attempt to ban guns? He has already come out strongly in support of gun control or bans on numerous occasions before he was even elected President. Will Obama call in the military to contain the riots of unemployed, hungry, angry youth here in America’s biggest cities? Will he allow free speech — even if massive protests call for Obama to step down?

 Is Obama taking notes in Egypt? He had better. Because Egypt’s crisis could eventually be coming to a city near you.

 Wayne Allyn Root is a former Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee. He now serves as Chairman of the Libertarian National Congressional Committee. 

He is the best-selling author of “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold & Tax Cuts.” His web site: www.ROOTforAmerica.com

64 thoughts on “Wayne Root: What Will Obama Do if Egyptian-Style Crisis, Unrest & Revolt Hits America?

  1. paulie

    Does IPR now stand for “Independent Promoters of Root”???

    Other than the fact that Bruce once again failed to include Root’s name in the headline (I just fixed that), I don’t see why you say that. We publish his articles just like we publish yours and a lot of other people’s.

  2. Jill Pyeatt

    This is an excellent article. It is a little long, but, in this case, I think all the bullet points are

  3. Brian

    I wish it would happen here. It won’t, though. I really don’t think Americans respond to political crises in similar ways to other populations around the world. I pray, however, that a day will come when Americans would get off their fat asses, protest in the streets and throw rocks at forces of reaction.

  4. Robert Capozzi

    fwiw, I had lunch today at an Egyptian restaurant. The Egyptian waitress told me that the single biggest grievance was that Mubarak’s been in office for 30 years and that shows that Egypt does not have democracy, in effect.

    Root’s concerns are generally reasonable here, but ousting sham, multi-decade-in-office presidents is not a problem in the US. The analogy seems weak.

  5. John Jay Myers

    It blames Obama too much, doesn’t talk about “our government”. He says Obama 8 times in one paragraph.

    This article would be enjoyed by a large cross section of America if you strip out the bias instead Wayne chooses to alienate, I do not get that.

    He seems to put causality on things that are probably not caused by political unrest.

    He lists problem after problem without trying to offer any libertarian solutions.

    I also question things like “The fall of Egypt could lead to…..” And what would you do about the fall of Egypt? What is the Libertarian solution to our “woes” in Egypt?

    That goes for many of the other things he listed about the Middle East.
    My Libertarian solution for Egypt is to get the hell out, and stay the hell out.

  6. Jill Pyeatt

    John Jay Myers @ 16:

    “My Libertarian solution for Egypt is to get the hell out, and stay the hell out.”

    You’ll get no argument from me on this. It’s pretty much a perfect statement.

  7. paulie

    “My Libertarian solution for Egypt is to get the hell out, and stay the hell out.”

    You’ll get no argument from me on this. It’s pretty much a perfect statement.


  8. Gains

    JJM @16: “My Libertarian solution for Egypt is to get the hell out, and stay the hell out.”


  9. Thomas L. Knapp

    Yes, he concentrates too much on Obama and “the Democrats” — even to the point of excluding the fact that the “Internet Kill Switch” bill he mentions is the brainchild of an independent Senator to whom Root himself contributed in 2006, and whom Root endorsed for the GOP’s 2008 presidential nomination.

    Characterizing Israel as an “ally” of the US has always been a stretch, but it’s far enough beyond the point of believability now to be, as Capozzi would say, contra-indicated.

    And at 924 words, the piece is 124 words too long to get a decent shot at publication in newspaper op-ed format.

    But it’s still not a bad piece.

  10. Funky Chicken

    the fact that the “Internet Kill Switch” bill he mentions is the brainchild of an independent Senator to whom Root himself contributed in 2006, and whom Root endorsed for the GOP’s 2008 presidential nomination.

    VP nomination. The presidential candidate he endorsed was the actual eventual GOP loser, McCain. The guy he would have been directly running against as VP, had the GOP allowed McCain to run him, is the one you are referring to (Lieberman).

  11. Funky Chicken

    JJM – I encourage you to consider running for political office again, maybe an office higher than Congress.


  12. Eric Sundwall

    1. He equates anarchy with street violence, rather than acknowledging it as a legitimate philosophic engagement. Very unsophisticated.

    2. He conflates and employs hyperbolic terms like Armageddon and only applies it to Democrats, with no recognition of republican as progenitors of foreign occupations responsible for the current debt conditions.

    3. The sky is falling clucking about the Internet, Facebook and Twitter being shutdown puts it into the troofer and birther camps of paranoia and fear mongering.

    This piece is tripe as usual.

  13. paulie

    If you would like to work for free and take crap from trolls, you too may apply to write for IPR. The amount of IPR writers is not necessarily limited, and all except Editor In Chief Trent Hill receive the same pay ($0) and generous benefit package (lots of free criticism). contact.ipr@gmail.com if you are interested.

  14. George Whitfield

    Paulie, I appreciate your work for IPR. I think many other people do, too. Hang in there.

  15. wayne root


    You are GREATLY appreciated by me. You do a great job. You are always fair. You always see the glass as half full and give each person on IPR the benefit of the doubt. You are a good man.


  16. paulie

    Thanks Wayne!

    I appreciate the hard work and I’m liking the message more and more. Also glad to see you join a state committee, although I am very sad to see Debra go.

  17. whatever

    ousting sham, multi-decade-in-office presidents is not a problem in the US.

    Ousting a sham British-born president might present similar problems, however.

  18. Mark Seidenberg

    Bruce Cohen,

    Prior to my uncle moving to Hawai’i in 1935, he
    lived in Alexandria, Egypt. In those days they had Mixed Courts. They worked fine according
    to my uncle.

    What Egypt needs to do is bring back the Mixed
    Courts with all the old codes? At least that should help in a more orderly process.

    Remember, that Barack H. Obama II is a Subject
    of Sultan Jamshid (now in excile in Portsmouth,
    England, because of the 1919 naturalization decree on his paternal grandfather at Zanzibar).

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg,
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  19. Mark Seidenberg


    Barack H. Obama II was not British born. He was born as a Britiish Protected Person, viz., Obama like his father and paternal grandfather since 1919 was not British. Nor was he Kenyan.

    My suggestion is to read the Hague Convention on Nationality of 1930 (ratified by the United States in 1937) and the British Nationality Act
    1948 and you will understand that Obama is
    not British, but is a Zanzibari Subject.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  20. paulie

    Barack H. Obama II was not British born. [..] Nor was he Kenyan.

    True. He was born in Hawaii, USA, and is a natural born citizen of the USA.

  21. Mark Seidenberg


    You are incorrect. Barack H. Obama II did not arrive in Hawai’i (Honolulu) until June, 1962. He was living with his mother on Capitol Hill, Seattle, Washington while she attended the University of Washington from September, 1961
    until June, 1962.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg,
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  22. Mark Seidenberg


    You are starting to write like Don “Everything is a Fake” Grundmann .

    First, Obama lived at 516 13th Avenue East on
    Capitol Hill. Why do you believe where Obama
    lived circa 1961 – 1962 academic year as “down-
    right silly”? What is hard to understand. In 1961
    Obama came to Washington States as a “wetback” from British Columbia. There was
    in 1961 an open border between Canada and the
    United States. He just did not “lawfully enter” the United States, because his mother had not
    been a resident of the United States for Five Years after the age of 14. She was only 18 years
    of age.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg,
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  23. paulie

    It is downright silly to claim that Obama was never in Hawaii before June 1962. That is all I said and really don’t want to devote much more time to this tangent.

    The establishment has millions of people it can groom for leadership roles. To believe that they would intentionally flout the native born citizen rule – for what purpose? – when so many other young people with potential who are willing and able to do what it takes to rise to power are available, and that eyewitnesses all disappeared or stayed silent, does not pass the laugh test.

  24. David Colborne

    British Columbia? Please. Everyone knows Obama is an illegal immigrant from Tau Ceti V whose DNA was brought here from the Roswell crash and was reconstituted by the proto-NSA to create a Manchurian candidate that would install a Zionist-Quebecois government. I mean, c’mon.

  25. Mark Seidenberg


    You have a lady by the name of Mary Toutonghi
    in Soldatna, Alaska who was also living during
    that academic year 1961 – 1962 at 516 13th Avenue East on Capitol Hill and was Obama’s
    babysitter. Therefore, when and how did baby
    Barack Obama get to Hawa’i i when his mother
    was a student at the University of Washington?

    Did she give permission to Mrs. Toutonghi to let Obama fly over to Hawaii, while she was his

    There is a blank page in the history of Obama,
    viz., after Stanley Ann Obama board the SS Uganda on August 13, 1961 with the Barack on a voyage to England from Mombasa Island and her flight from London Airport to Montreal Airport on a BOAC flight. No documents have
    been found showing how Stanley Ann Obama or
    as she was know at that time as S. Anne D’Obama
    get from the Montreal Airport into Washington

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg,
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  26. whatever

    According to his campaign’s fightthesmears.com website, Obama was born British. He (or someone writing under his name) also claimed in his admittedly “factionalized” autobio to have a father named Obama. I was under the impression Obama Sr. was a British subject in 1961. This Zanzibar business is new to me.

    Maybe some of the conspiracy theories out there about a secret American father, or being born an American bastard (as Michelle once indicated) are true.

    That would seem to indicate he his either British-born or a sham, but not both.

    Unless you consider his alleged time at Columbia U a sham, as WAR does. Then maybe you could say he’s both.

    native born citizen rule

    What rule is that? There is a natural born citizen rule, but no native born citizen rule.

  27. paulie

    Whatever, whatever.

    native born citizen rule

    What rule is that? There is a natural born citizen rule, but no native born citizen rule.

    That was what I meant, thanks.

    That would seem to indicate he his either British-born or a sham, but not both.

    Or, far, far more likely, neither. That is, his policies are a sham and a shame, not his biography.

    Unless you consider his alleged time at Columbia U a sham, as WAR does.


    However, I too have an Obama conspiracy theory that would really explain everything….

    Some of us thought, during Dubai-ya Bush’s court-appointed reign of error, that there was a high chance he would call off the pretense of elections entirely, and use some (possibly engineered) tragic event to stay in office under “emergency” martial law — the better to avoid war crimes prosecution.

    But, I think he stumbled on something even more clever: he went to Mexico, got a tan and some plastic surgery, dropped the fake hillbilly accent and phony dumb cowboy act, and made his way around the pesky problem of the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution by being elected under a fake name: Barack Obama.

    Not only does this explain why his policies are so seamlessly continuous from one term to the next, but it solves the mystery of the “missing” birth certificate that is constantly brought up by the birther nuts – even though he was obviously in fact born in the US. It’s just that he was not born as Barack Obama, but as George W. Bush, son of George H. W. Bush.

    Sure, I know how absurd and far-fetched this may sound to some, but can anyone provide a better hypothesis to fit all the observed facts? :-P

  28. paulie

    Wayne Allyn Root: Why I decided NOT to Testify at the “Obama Trial”
    May 17th, 2010 · 91 Comments

    By Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Vice Presidential Nominee

    I am a patriot. I love my country with all my heart. I am not a fan of President Obama. I have legitimate concerns about his agenda, as all Americans should. I also have legitimate questions about his past, because studying where he came from might shed light on where he’ll be taking America in the future. We all have a right…even an obligation…to question, debate and investigate the man who has his finger on the nuclear button, who controls the U.S. economy, and in many cases the fate of the free world in his hands. When Pastor Manning called to make a personal plea for me to testify at a mock “Obama Trial” to find the truth about President Obama, after much thought (3 months worth) I agreed to testify if it would help to shed some light on President Obama’s past (and therefore the decisions he might make in the future). I felt that simply telling the truth about what I know could be helpful to this country.

    But I explained to Pastor Manning the circumstances of any testimony I would provide: I am NOT a “birther.” I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. I actually think that wild conspiracy theories detract and discredit any serious attempt to ask legitimate questions about the background of our President. I explained that I do NOT believe there is any cover-up by Columbia University administration. I explained that I am a supporter of my alma mater and proud to be a graduate of one of the great Ivy League education institutions in America. All I can testify to is that I was a member of the Class of ’83- just like Obama. And that I was Pre Law and a political science major- just like Obama. It was a small class- about 700 students. Political science majors would be an even smaller group. Therefore it struck me…and many others…as strange that I never met Obama at college, never saw him, never even heard of him in my time at Columbia. And that more importantly, I don’t know any classmate to this day who ever met or heard of a classmate named Barack Obama or Barry Obama or Barry Sotero. Even stranger still, the Wall Street Journal reported in its editorial pages back in 2008 that Fox News called 400 of my classmates and they could not find one student who had ever met Obama at Columbia. Adding to the mystery is the fact that President Obama has sealed all of his college records at Occidental and Columbia. All of this should be troubling to every American, no matter what your political beliefs.

    I told Pastor Manning however that none of this is factual proof that Obama did not attend Columbia. Nor do I believe my university would ever participate in a cover-up. I have simply been asked by many in the media for several years now if I knew my famous classmate and I’ve always answered honestly. I’ve always stated publicly that my assumption is that he went to Columbia, but probably rarely (or never) attended classes. Perhaps he was too busy pursuing a radical political agenda. Perhaps he was too busy hanging out with his radical friends plotting the destruction of capitalism or the overthrow of America. I assume he spent most of his time at Columbia off campus and took what is often called at Ivy League colleges a “Gentleman’s C” for simply showing up for final exams. I thought perhaps that my testimony would help to fill in the blanks and create a clearer picture of the man sitting in the White House.

    Unfortunately I had a chance today for the first time to read about the highlights of the first day of the “Obama trial.” I found myself uncomfortable being involved or associated in any way with the wild charges, claims and conspiracy theories that have been publicly aired by this mock trial. I believe these wild charges and claims actually damage any future legitimate opportunity to question President Obama’s background. This forum has an agenda and I have come to the conclusion it is not my agenda. I called Pastor Manning personally this morning to explain why I’ve decided not to participate. He understood completely. We wished each other well.

    I believe any association with this trial would discredit the opportunity to have a fair, open and balanced discussion or debate in the future. I want to be part of any such future opportunity. I have much to say about President Obama, and many questions about his past and present actions, but I’m more comfortable airing them in a mainstream media forum. More importantly, I’d rather spend my time discussing, debating and questioning Mr. Obama’s current policies that I believe are toxic to America, the U.S. economy and capitalism, than spending my time debating his past. I’d rather spend my valuable time in the media on educating voters about the dramatic expansion of government under Obama; the nonstop violations of the Constitution; the deadly expansion of deficit and national debt; the political payoffs disguised as stimulus and bailouts; the lack of transparency of this administration; Obama’s pro union agenda at all costs- no matter what damage is done to the economy. All of these are far more important to America’s future than Obama’s past. We cannot change the past, but we can change the future direction of this country away from Obama’s dangerous agenda- if we are not distracted by wild claims and conspiracy theories.

    I intend to be Obama’s biggest critic on a national stage for years to come. Being associated with the extreme agenda and wild charges of a mock “Obama trial” can only detract from my goals. I do want however to make it clear that all of us have a right, duty and obligation to question our President, as well as all politicians on their past. The moment a politician decides to run for office they have given up a right to “seal records.” They are now a public figure, and the voting public has every right to question and investigate anything and everything that shines light on who will be representing the American people.

    Wayne Allyn Root

  29. Mark Seidenberg


    Will you admit to the following facts? If not, why not.

    1. Barack H. Obama, Sr. has never been a citizen
    of the United States.

    2. Stanley Ann Dunham was a citizen of the United States on August 4, 1861.

    3. Barack H. Obama, Sr. entered the United States in 1959 (Hawai’i) to attend the University
    of Hawai’i on a British Protected Persons passport and a United States Student Visa.

    4. Stanley Ann Obama was only 18 years of age
    when she gave birth to Obama, therefore, did
    not resided in the United States five years after
    her 14th birthday when she gave birth to Barack
    H. Obama on August 4, 1961.

    5. Just prior to the marriage of Onyango Obama
    (Barack H. Obama II’s paternal grandfather) with Helima (#1 wife) in 1919 he was naturalized a Subject of the Sultan of Zanzibar by decree
    of the grandfather of the current sultan, viz.,
    Jamshid (who is the head of his court now located in Portsmounth, England).

    6. Under the laws of Zanzibar at the time of
    Barack H. Obama’s birth on August 4, 1961,
    by being the grandson of a subject of the sultan,
    he was also a sultan’s subject.

    7. On August 4, 1961 the flag of the Sultan of
    Zanzibar flew over Fort Jesus, Mombasa Island
    in the Indian Ocean showing that Sovereignty
    over Mombasa Island was that of the Sultan
    of Zanzibar.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg
    Vice Chairman, American Independent Party

  30. Funky Chicken

    Those are all either not facts, or not relevant. The younger Barack Obama was born in the United States, in Hawaii, therefore he is by birthright citizenship a natural born citizen of the US. His mother was also a US Citizen. How old she was, or whether his father was a US citizen, is irrelevant, since he was born in the US himself.

  31. Mark Seidenberg

    Funky Chicken,

    What is your source that Barack Obama was born in the United States? Have you seen
    a birth certificate with the attending doctor’s
    or midwife’s signature on it (viz. the Hawaiian
    long form)?

  32. Funky Chicken

    Mr. Seidenberg,

    While snopes is a good resource, why waste time on this silly non-issue?

    The Libertarian, Green and Peace and Freedom Parties have published responses to Gov. Brown’s State of the State. Has AIP?

    Several parties have issued responses to Obama’s State of the Union speech. How about AIP?

    Several parties have issued statements on the events in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab nations lately. Anything from your party?

  33. Carol Moore

    Blogged both those Obama-Bush and Mubark graphics. Of course, if Wayne was president we’d have to compare him to Bill Clinton who he resembles physically and emotionally… blah blah blah… i can’t believe he said that… blah blah blah…

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