Adrian Wyllie Seeks Florida Libertarian Party State Chairmanship

Press release:

PALM HARBOR – For decades, the Libertarian Party of Florida has sat on the political sidelines watching the Republicans and Democrats run up the score. But Adrian Wyllie thinks that the LPF has the right philosophy to get in the game, and he has the right plan to level the field.

Wyllie, a Libertarian since 1991, announced his bid for the Chair of the LPF this week. He says that he is building a coalition of highly motivated, effective professionals to lead the party out of obscurity.

“The time is right for the LPF to become a viable force in Florida,” said Wyllie. “The libertarian message has always resonated with voters, but the problem has been the implementation of the party’s goals and a weak public perception. I plan to change that.”

Wyllie, who owns an IT consulting firm and co-hosts a syndicated AM talk radio show, has laid out a three phase plan to advance the LPF. First, he says, that party must get some wins in the public relations battle in order to increase membership and funding. He plans to do that with a combination of a mass media push and by building stronger relationships with other like-minded political groups.

Second, he plans to implement a structure to embrace and coordinate those who, as a result of the LPF’s new visibility, want to be involved. “We will develop a process to handle the influx of people who want to either help financially or volunteer their time,” said Wyllie. “That’s an area where we’ve been deficient in the past, and we can no longer tolerate it.”

Wyllie says the third step is to dramatically increase the number of Libertarian candidates for political office in Florida, and to provide them the financial and structural backing that they need to win in municipal, county and state-wide races.

No stranger to running political campaigns, Wyllie just wrapped up his role as media director for the U.S. Senate campaign of Alex Snitker. The Snitker campaign was widely considered the most visible and effective Libertarian campaign ever run in the State of Florida. Snitker finished fourth behind Rubio, Crist and Meek in a field of 10 candidates, and resulted in a new wave of supporters for the LPF.

While he concedes that it will take many years to achieve equal footing with the Democrats and Republicans, he states that he can educate voters that there is a third political option in Florida. “Our message is simple: Liberty,” said Wyllie, “which is what most Americans are truly yearning for. But we must shout from the rooftops that there is a politically party who sincerely wants to achieve it.”

The Libertarian Party of Florida convention will be held on April 29 through May 1, 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in West Palm Beach, and is open to all registered Libertarians.

14 thoughts on “Adrian Wyllie Seeks Florida Libertarian Party State Chairmanship

  1. David Colborne

    Now THIS is the sort of thing I like to see. A prospective state LP office candidate openly and transparently announcing their candidacy, releasing press releases, and getting engaged with the outside world, instead of quietly building a caucus and playing dumb if anyone asks if you’re running for anything.

    It’s an example the rest of us can learn from, myself included.

  2. Ron Rollins

    Adrian has a good plan; solid vision. most voters are seeking an alternative. libertarians can fill that void. the message is simple and clear and can resonate with many voters that are disenchanted by the 2 main parties, and you know, many are! i think if libertarians take an active role in debating the major issues of the day and continue to present their/’our’ way of thinking…our policies…our solutions to the issues and problems everyone will see that there is indeed a better alternative! go for it, Adrian!

  3. George Whitfield

    I am glad Adrian Wyllie is running for the Chairman of the Florida Libertarian Party. He did a fine job working on Alex Snitker’s campaign for US Senate. I think he will bring energetic and intelligent leadership to the LP in Florida. I hope he is elected.

  4. stanley clarke wyllie

    I was interested in third parties while at Florida Southern College, over fifty years ago. I believe Adrian may be a relative. Good luck. Contact me if you would. thanks

  5. Robert Capozzi

    Where does Wyllie stand on the FLP’s ongoing call to purge Root from the LNC and LNCC?

  6. Adrian Wyllie


    I believe that we must embrace all people who fall within the upper quadrant of the Nolan Chart, not just those at the pinnacle.

    Engaging in purges of “non-pure” Libertarians is the fastest way to ensure that we relegate our party to perpetual obscurity.

    It’s time for all Libertarians to make a decision on whether we remain a tight-knit social club, or we become a viable political party, capable of wielding the political clout necessary to restore our Republic.

  7. Robert Capozzi

    aw7, I agree. Have you taken a position on whether the FLP Resolution to purge Root should be formally reversed, then? As I read that Resolution, the FLP continues to want Root removed from office, near as I can tell.

    For the record, while I sometimes disagree with Root’s positions, I found the FLP executive committee’s decision to call for ousting Root to be rash, unacceptable, and completely uncalled for.

    Sweeping toxic acts under the rug is in no one’s interest, IMO.

  8. Adrian Wyllie

    Frankly, I don’t want to get side tracked with internal infighting. I would support repealing the LPF resolution, but I don’t plan to make it a priority.

    My intention is to maintain a laser focus on actions that will improve the LPF’s public perception, increase membership, raise revenue, and prepare Libertarian candidates to win elections. Anything that falls outside of those goals are a distraction.

  9. Marc Montoni

    Frankly, I don’t want to get side tracked with internal infighting. I would support repealing the LPF resolution, but I don’t plan to make it a priority.

    Glad to hear it won’t be a priority.

    FWIW, procedurally, the chair should not vote on matters before the body unless his vote will make a difference.

  10. Robert Capozzi

    aw: Frankly, I don’t want to get side tracked with internal infighting. I would support repealing the LPF resolution, but I don’t plan to make it a priority.

    me: Understandable. Perhaps that particular insane act will heal over time. Still, technically, if you win, you will be presiding over a state LP that continues to be on record calling for the ouster of an at-large LNC member.

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