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Florida Libertarians join statewide protest against red light cameras

Karl Dickey at the Examiner:

The Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF), the National Motorists Association (NMA) and the Florida Civil Rights Association are jointly participating in a statewide protest this Saturday to raise awareness of the negative effects of red light cameras on driver’s safety and to support State Seantor Rene Garcia’s bill SB672 and the related bill in the Florida House H4087 put forth by Representative Corcoran to repeal red light cameras in the Florida.

Vicki Kirkland, chairwoman of the Libertarian Party of Florida met yesterday in Orlando with leaders of the other two organizations and is encouraging local LPF affiliates to organize at 11AM this Saturday at the location of their choice in this effort to end the insanity of red light cameras.

The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LP Palm Beach) and the Libertarian Party of Florida have both officially come out against the use of red light cameras at intersections for both safety and constitutional reasons. Nonetheless our legislators and our county commissioners have chosen to ignore their warnings and the mountains of data provided to them in their effort to generate revenue. The NMA and LP Palm Beach have been instrumental in Palm Beach County to delay or keep red light cameras out of Delray Beach, Boca Raton and other parts of the county.

As early as this past weekend it was reported how the installation of the cameras have backfired against the legislators and even the most recent Florida study has shown the reasons why the cameras should be removed from intersections and not used in Florida.

It is not widely reported, however several states have banned the cameras either for Constitutional reasons or for safety reasons. And for those states that have not banned them, dozens of counties and municipalities removed the cameras after being installed.

The first red light camera to go online in unincorporated Palm Beach County is at Powerline & Palmetto Park Road in Boca Raton and is already rife with controversy and local residents are appalled Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson would spearhead such an effort when it is clear the situation will end up costing Palm Beach County taxpayers and will result in many more accidents.

The Libertarian Party of Florida would like to see its members contact their State Senators and their State Representatives a encourage them to support SB672 / H 4087 and express their displeasure at seeing these cameras spring up at our intersections.

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  1. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson February 24, 2011

    Maybe the Florida team can use this.
    And some
    cities like to cheat!

    “1) Chattanooga, Tennessee

    The city of Chattanooga was forced refund $8800 in red light cameras tickets
    issued to motorists trapped by an illegally short yellow time. The refund only
    occurred after a motorist challenged his citation by insisting that the yellow
    light time of 3.0 seconds was too short. LaserCraft, the private vendor that
    runs the camera program in return for a cut of the profits, provided the judge
    with a computer database that asserted the yellow was 3.8 seconds at that

    The judge then personally checked the intersection in question was timed at
    three seconds while other nearby locations had about four seconds of yellow
    warning. City traffic engineer John Van Winkle told Bean that “a mix up with
    the turn arrow” was responsible and that the bare minimum for the light should
    be 3.9 seconds.

    Read the Full Story

    2) Dallas, Texas

    An investigation by KDFW-TV, a local TV station, found that of the ten cameras
    that issued the greatest number of tickets in the city, seven were located at
    intersections where the yellow duration is shorter than the bare minimum
    recommended by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

    The city’s second highest revenue producing camera, for example, was located
    at the intersection of Greenville Avenue and Mockingbird Lane. It issued 9407
    tickets worth $705,525 between January 1 and August 31, 2007. At the
    intersections on Greenville Avenue leading up to the camera intersection,
    however, yellows are at least 3.5 or 4.0 seconds in duration, but the
    ticket-producing intersection’s yellow stands at just 3.15 seconds. That is
    0.35 seconds shorter than TxDOT’s recommended bare minimum. Dallas likewise
    installed the cameras at locations with existing short yellow times. A total of
    twenty-one camera intersections in Dallas had yellow times below TxDOT’s bare
    minimum recommended amount.

    The ticket camera program in Dallas made the news recently for shutting
    down some of its cameras because they were no longer profitable.

    Read the Full Story

    3) Springfield, Missouri

    The city of Springfield, Missouri prepared for the installation of a red light
    camera system in 2007 by slashing the yellow warning time by one second at 105
    state-owned intersection signals across the city.

    The city defended its effort to the Springfield
    News-Leader by claiming it was “standardizing” and had increased the yellow
    time at 136 city-operated lights to meet national standards. During the city
    council meeting last October where the red light camera ordinance was approved,
    however, Assistant Director of Public Works Earl Newman gave a different
    explanation for the reduction. Newman said he was, “concerned that many
    individuals run the light if the light remained yellow too long.””

  2. Porn Again Christian Porn Again Christian February 24, 2011

    LP locals should do more activist protest things like this…perhaps coordinated nationally.

  3. paulie paulie February 24, 2011

    Maybe that should be done through a separate national network if it’s not an LNC/LPHQ thing.

  4. miguel miguel April 11, 2011

    great. smoke weed. secede from the union. open carry guns. run red lights. it all fits.

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