Green Party Watch: Poll for GP Prez 2012

At Green Party Watch, there is a poll about potential Green Party Presidential candidates for 2012. The list was created by the website Green Party Watch,  so it is not official. Though, the community of Green Party Watch includes many Green Party leaders and insiders.

On the list are:

Jared Ball (DC)
Rosa Clemente (NY)
Tom Clements (SC)
Howie Hawkins (NY)
Jesse Johnson (WV)
Cynthia McKinney (GA)
Jill Stein (MA)
kat swift (TX)
Laura Wells (CA)
Rich Whitney (IL)

There is also a space to vote for “Another Green Party candidate not listed here”.

33 thoughts on “Green Party Watch: Poll for GP Prez 2012

  1. paulie

    We should do several of these for different parties at IPR. Maybe also a blanket one covering several parties at once?

    And by we, I mean other people, not me 🙂

  2. Bryan

    I saw something in the GP comment section that I hadn’t noticed looking at the list…where is Stewart Alexander?
    I believe he is the only candidate that has expressed the intention to run for the nomination…

  3. paulie

    The beauty of it is that it can be done multiple times. So we can do it again in a year or so, and still get the wheels of discussion rolling now.

  4. Bryan

    As wierd as it might seem, now is when potential candidates should start announcing. In a year we will already be in primary/convention mode…

    I remember a much simpler time, when prez politics went on for about a year…now they start elbowing for posititon less than a month after the election (anyone else remember Romneys little pizza side chats?)

  5. Ross

    Yeah, and it’s disgusting. I won’t post the polls, but whatever if someone else does. Not to mention, as a Green, I don’t like seeing the focus of the party on the top of the ballot.

  6. paulie

    Apparently, because he asked to be removed:

    Ronald Hardy says:
    February 7, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Per request, I have removed Howie Hawkins from the poll.

  7. Kimberly Wilder

    Don’t know if it is a glitch, or what, but on 2/8/2011, when I look at the poll on GPW, I do not see Howie Hawkins as a choice or a result, like he was at first. But, he is still in the bios.


  8. Kimberly Wilder

    I can’t resist saying that when I see people say that they don’t want a third party to focus on the top of the ticket, I truly think that person is in the spirit of telling someone to “take a dive”.

    Working on the top of the ticket is where the glamor is. Like it or not, there are some people who will never notice or care about politics, except for the President’s race.

    And, working on the Presidential race gives all your activists around the country something to have in common.

    If someone doesn’t think the top of the ticket is important, than they, themselves, should just stay out of the national committees, and stop dragging other people down, and trying to tell other people where to devote energy and resources.

    Thanks for listening to my humble opinion.

  9. Bryan

    @17 &18….Do I spend a fair amount of time writing, speaking, blogging, commenting, and otherwise promoting top of the ballot candidates…yes…

    But…I have also ran for 2 non-partisan offices and for one as a Green candidate. It is vital that any alternative party seek local, county and state offices. If we can’t win a seat on county council, what realistic chance do we have of winning a US Senate seat?

    In my first attempt, Cynthia McKinney came to an event supporting my efforts just prior to announcing her intention to run in ’08. The results were some good, some not so good, but Cynthia, me, or the event the Green Party hosted were in the paper everyday for almost a week. People knew me…

    For good or bad, people associate local candidates with a national party. Therefore, while it might be argued that the emphasis should be local, the national does matter.

  10. Independent Green Party of Virginia

    Kimberly Wilder is correct.

    The Green Party list of potential Green Party presidential nominee’s must include the nation’s leading Independent Michael Bloomberg.

    And should he continue to stand against running, some candidates with the smarts, resources, and political experience and success to make a credible run.

    Rhode Island Governor Chafee for example.

    [Contributor’s note from Kimberly Wilder – As a contributor to IPR, I am taking the prerogative to address this comment in this space. I DO NOT support Bloomberg for President. I do not consider Bloomberg a green by any measure. As a student of third parties, I know that the Independent Green Party of Virginia is NOT connected to the national Green Party, or any green energy I respect. And, I have specifically asked not to be “named”, praised, or singled out by members of the Independent Green Party of Virginia. I hope they will not continue to try to co-opt my name or reputation. I dislike Bloomberg, I dislike Bloomberg’s politics, and I dislike the Independent Green Party of Virginia. These are my personal opinions. Thank you.]

  11. paulie

    Kimberly Wilder is correct.

    The Green Party list of potential Green Party presidential nominee’s must include the nation’s leading Independent Michael Bloomberg

    Yeah, somehow I don’t think that is what Kimberly said or meant.

  12. paulie

    @ 23 Agreed, although some of those comments were repeaters.

    I have a hunch that would also be the case for other parties if some of the other IPR writers would like to do that here.

  13. Kimberly Wilder Post author

    Paulie @22 –

    Thanks, Paulie, for following threads, and watching my back, as it were.

    Of course, I said no such thing about Blooomberg and the Green Party.

    I dislike Bloomberg. I dislike greens who try to erase all of the other green values and focus only on a few, pet, environmental issues.

    I am livid with the manipulative, and co-optive style that many of the Independent Greens of Virginia use. And, I will do my best to match them word-for-word if they try to align themselves with me, co-opt my name or reputation, or distort my message.

    Thanks, Paulie.

  14. Kimberly Wilder

    Now, having done computer work past 1:30am in the morning, let’s see what time Paulie wakes up for another day of blogging, networking, and messaging…


    (Me, I got waken up at 7:30am, but I can always go back to bed again! Isn’t winter lovely?…)

  15. paulie

    My first comment this morning, not counting staying up past midnight last night, was at 7:36 AM Eastern, which would be 6:36 AM here in the central time zone. I got about six hours of sleep.

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