Independents Surge in Japan, Rocking Nascent Two-Party System

From Monsters and Critics via TPID:

Landslide victories for independent candidates in local elections in central Japan earlier this month shocked the nation’s two major parties and revived public doubt about the nascent two-party system. ‘It is the beginning of the collapse of the two-party system,’ Minoru Morita, a veteran political analyst, said.

The independents, Hideaki Omura, and the Nagoya Mayor Takashi Kawamura, who campaigned for tax cuts, defeated candidates endorsed by the big parties in the Aichi gubernatorial election and the mayoral race.

2 thoughts on “Independents Surge in Japan, Rocking Nascent Two-Party System

  1. Bruce Cohen

    There were always many parties in Japan when I was there. Especially at the local level.

    And the parties are very fluid, absorbing smaller parties and/or splitting.

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