Libertarian Party of Nevada 2011 Convention Minutes draft

Attached is the convention minutes draft of the controversial and contentious Libertarian Party of Nevada 2011 Convention, courtesy of Debra Dedmon.

There were 60 delegates credentialed. The votes for officer positions:

Chair Joe Silvestri won 27-26 over Sandra Darby.

Wayne Root won Vice Chair over David Colborne, 30-25.

Kris McKinster won Secretary over David Colborne, 28-25

Mike McAuliffe won Treasurer over NOTA, 33-17

Sandra Darby won Central Regional Representative without opposition.

Southern Regional Representative: Chris Roberts 27 over Angela Morabito-McKinster-Gurion: 24

Northern Regional Representative: David Colborne: 26 over Tom Cornell: 25

At Large: Irv Hopkins: 29 over Alaysha Zorehkey: 22

Judicial Committee
• Results:
◦ Ed Klapproth
◦ Joe Hassen
◦ Marcia Nicks
◦ Ron Nicks
◦ Debra Root

Additional details in attached .pdf file: 2011 Convention Minutes Draft.

Video of the event may also become available.

Debra also sent her outgoing At Large report:

It has been a very decent year for all our affiliates in the LPNevada.

all 3 ran candidates with Sandy Darby in Nye recieving OVER 40% , freakin awesome:):)

Nye and the Northern affiliate have held their conventions the results for officers are as follows:

Nye County Libertarian Party election results:

Chair: Mike Darby
Vice Chair: Jim Duensing
Secy: Sandi Darby
Treasurer: Isabel Isherwood
Northern Nye At Large: Jim Burns
Southern Nye at Large: Tabled until next meeting.

activism was alive and well and I think that Nye may have been our most active affililate in terms of outreach/media covered events , but of course this is just a guess since I cant know everything. at any rate , congratulations Nye County!
Capital affiliate – NVCLP:.

Chair: David Colborne
Vice-Chair: Jim Cooley
Secretary: Thomas Cornell
Treasurer: Rowan Wilson

County rep positions are unfilled; we passed a bylaws amendment to reduce quorum requirements to account for that (need three of the above four now, instead of five).

last year was a very decent year for the NVCLP

Clark County has not yet held it’s convention but by the time this is read tomorrow it will have. This past year was a good one for candidates , with us fielding more than ever before. It was a good one for the election cycle , with outreach like San Genarro a huge success. Im certain the new excom will be 1 the state can be proud of!

It has been my honor to serve the LPNevada for a decade , I am not seeking reelection to any position except possibly Judicial …

see you all tomorrow

Out-Going At Large Rep
Debra Dedmon

11 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Nevada 2011 Convention Minutes draft

  1. David Colborne

    FYI, I received the vote tallies for the judicial committee elections. They’re not in the draft minutes yet, but here they are:


    A total of 49 ballots were cast for Judicial Committee, meaning that 25 votes were required for election.

    Ed Klapparoth – 32
    Debra Root – 27
    Joe Hassen – 26
    Marcia Nicks – 26
    Ron Nicks – 26
    Harold Geffrich – 22
    Eugene Sullivan – 21
    Tim Hagan – 18
    Liz Kerby – 18
    Angie McKinster – 17
    Shawn Grissom – 15
    Alesha Zorehky – 14
    Debra Karen Payne-Dedmon – 12
    Jim Burns – 12

  2. paulie Post author

    Yes, I know. I was making a more specific inquiry of those who know the people listed @ 1.

    I know why one “side” prevailed over the other, and you are correct on that. But @1 provides additional detail.

  3. David Colborne

    Regarding the Judicial Committee vote, it looks like Ed was a strong “bipartisan” choice, with the remainder of the votes being cast on “party” lines, for lack of a better way to put it. I’m willing to bet that, if I took another look at who nominated whom, it would explain some of the results.

    I am a little surprised that Tim was so low, though. He’s normally above the usual factional nonsense, which usually pays off on these votes.

  4. LibertarianGirl

    i got the same as jim burns…ROFL , thats because ive turned against both the Duensing and Silvestri clans…LOL , its really funny how sililar they are , altho theyd both say NOT!

    2 megalo-maniaca who always think they are right , never admit theyre wrong and speak loudly and well even , but NEVER listen…

  5. LibertarianGirl

    Jim told all his ‘FOLLOWERS’ to not vote for me and they think he’s the fu-shizzle , and Joe cut me out of his team , way way back , oddly enuf , because he told me to say nothing about the Duensing shooting and I came out and said the cops are wrong , then i voted for Jims thingy to call for cams on tasers. LOL

    strange , isnt it? Ima do what I thinks best , be nice even when you call me gullible , but if need be ill call you out , i dont care how close we are or were.

    p.s the 3 of us were inseparable for A LONG TIME, best of friends, and trust me the 2 of them together were 10 times as annoying as they are separately.

    The purging and running people away was ata all time high when the bopsy twins ran the show..

    i will admit this tho , i was so close to them at the time , i let them convince me when i had reservations or maybe i went along with them when i knew better just because they were my 2 best friends..

    I regret that , I shouldve listened to my conscience ….

    but i do not regret stepping up to try to unseat either 1 of them, i regret , for them , it meant the end of good friends for me…

  6. paulie Post author

    2 megalo-maniaca who always think they are right , never admit theyre wrong and speak loudly and well even , but NEVER listen…

    Isn’t that like among the top 2-3 definitions of “libertarian” in the dictionary? 🙁

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