Nevada Voter Registration Update: Third Parties and Independents Make Gains

Nevada Voter Registration Numbers as of January of 2011–the second percentage is from January of last year.

Democrat: 564,681 (42.77% down from 43.51%)

Green: 4,060 (.31% up from .30%)

Independent American: 60,156 (4.56% up from 4.32%)

Libertarian: 8,434 (.64% up from .61%)

Non-partisan: 214,481 (16.25% up from 15.74%)

Other: 4,861 (.37% virtually no movement from .37%)

Republican: 463,397 (35.10% down from 35.14%)

4 thoughts on “Nevada Voter Registration Update: Third Parties and Independents Make Gains

  1. Richard Winger

    I strongly believe that when IPR presents voter registration data, it use active voters only. Most states don’t even report inactive data, but Nevada reports both. So if a comparison between different states is desired, it is better to use only the active voter data. Inactive voters are no longer considered validly registered.

  2. Cody Quirk

    I disagree.

    The ‘Inactive Voter’ list is not always accurate. We’ve had a few voters here complain that they were incorrectly placed in the inactive list when they already had voted in the last election.

    Our current SoS is also a joke as well and is anti-third party.

  3. Cody Quirk

    However the numbers don’t lie here.

    Once again, the IAP makes the biggest gains for a political party in Nevada.

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