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New York State: New voter registration forms list Green Party

Excerpt from a NY State Voter Registration Form (new for 2011)

In New York State, third parties earn their status during the Governor’s race. If a party receives 50,000 votes for its Governor candidate, that party is listed on the NY voter registration forms, and is a party with automatic ballot status. In the 2010 Governor’s race, the Green Party was the only third party in New York State to achieve automatic ballot status by running its own candidate. As a result, the Green Party is listed on the new voter registration form, recently published on-line. (The Libertarian Party came close to achieving the goal, but fell short by a few thousand votes.)

If a party submits petitions for Governor, and its candidate appears on the ballot, but does not receive 50,000 votes, that party is not listed on the voter registration forms. Though, importantly, the Board of Elections must keep track of all the voters who write the name of that party (which is actually an “independent political body”) on the line marked “other”. With the 2010 Governor’s race, the parties in this category, who will now have enrollees recorded with the Board of Elections are:  The Anti-Prohibition Party, The Freedom Party; The Libertarian Party; and The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. People may also write the name of any party on the “other” line, but the Board of Elections does not have to keep track of these extra party names.

Besides the Green Party of New York State, all the other parties listed on the voter registration form are major parties, or parties who cross-endorsed a major party candidate for Governor in 2010. So, also on the form are: The Conservative Party,  The Democratic Party, The Independence Party, The Republican Party, and The Working Families Party.

The new form is available as a PDF with the new format and party list. Though, some on-line forms still show an older version. For the updated form, go to the new PDF version: here.


  1. Scott Noren DDS Scott Noren DDS April 19, 2012

    Just to let all know. I am running as an Independent/Unaffiliated for US Senate. Two sources for info on my campaign are:

    Just my student loan reform alone should get you motivated to consider me as an alternative.
    For Libertarians, my Constitutional Bill that returns rights taken away by George Bush should be attractive hopefully.
    Let’s fight for the 99% by also being responsible 1%ers as it applies.
    Dr. Scott Noren
    No Frack!

  2. Reginald Bradell Reginald Bradell August 11, 2011

    I want to join the green party. I like what the party stands for it’s just hard to get in contact or even find a local number. Please contact me asap thank you.

  3. pete healey pete healey February 10, 2011

    Or you can tell people simply to write Green Party on the “Other” line on the form. The Board of Elections workers will do the rest. I write my party initials on the “Other” line but since we’ve never run a candidate for Governor the Board won’t count our numbers. They will count, and keep a record of, the registrants for all parties that have done that.

  4. Kimberly Wilder Kimberly Wilder February 10, 2011

    FYI: I am not an enrolled Green Party member anymore. But, for people who want to grow the Green Party in NY State:

    A project that any green supporter in NY can do:

    Go to your local Board of Elections (see County Government listing in your phonebook if you don’t know where it is.) Ask for a batch of new forms, that have the word “Green Party” on them.

    Go to your local library and Post Office. Ask them to throw away the old forms and use the new forms. (Or, be a proactive, citizen helper, and put the new forms there, yourself.)

    Anyone can do this, and it will be a concrete and effective measure to boost party numbers, and offer your neighbors an easy way to signal to the Dem/Rep parties that voters believe in the Green Party values of: Nonviolence/peace; Grassroots Democracy; Ecological Wisdom; Social and Economic Justice.

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