Wayne Root: America’s Proudest Father

This message is brought to you by America’s proudest father Wayne Allyn Root:

Just got the amazing news–See photo of my daughter Dakota Root at top of story. She was awarded 2nd Team ALL IVY in her freshman year at Harvard! 
Debra (her mom) and I are so proud! She was just brought on stage at the Ivy League Championships moments ago to accept the honor. Go Dakota!
Wayne Allyn Root, is the author of the new paperback, “The Conscience of a Libertarian: Empowering the Citizen Revolution with God, Guns, Gold, and Tax Cuts.” He’s a Las Vegas oddsmaker turned Vice Presidential nominee.  Root is available to the media to provide pre and post election analysis, discussion and debate.  His website is: ROOTforAmerica.com

13 thoughts on “Wayne Root: America’s Proudest Father

  1. Jill Pyeatt

    Debra and Wayne should be proud of their talented and hard-working daughter. Congratulations!

  2. Darryl W. Perry

    I still wonder if Wayne’s removal of “Gambling” from the title of his book was a calculated move in an attempt to appeal to the Beck/Palin aligned “TEA” party groups???

  3. AroundtheblockAFT

    Great achievement. And while she’s at Harvard, have her look around and catalogue all her fellow students because, chances are, one or more of them will be running for prez someday, and some us will be wanting confirmation that they actually showed up for class.

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