Limbaugh: disgruntled tea partiers could bolt the GOP to form a third party

Kenric Ward in Sunshine State News, by way of the Florida TEA Party:

…Limbaugh… tweaked establishment Republicans by predicting that disgruntled tea partiers could bolt the GOP to form a third party.

“They know they’re a majority in the country. If they conclude that they have no influence with the current crop of Republicans, they’ll go third party,” Limbaugh opined.

The Florida TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Party is a step ahead of the Palm Beach-based conservative. Formed as the first registered political tea party in the country, its slate of state candidates garnered some 300,000 votes last fall.

Naturally, TEA is reviled by rival tea groups and the Republican Party of Florida, which repeatedly and unsuccessfully sued to remove the party’s candidates from the 2010 ballot.

16 thoughts on “Limbaugh: disgruntled tea partiers could bolt the GOP to form a third party

  1. NewFederalist

    Rush is such a tool. He is as inconsistent as Bill O’Reilly and as annoying as Glenn Beck but in the end he is Republican through and through.

  2. Here's a radical idea

    There already IS a party or parties for the Tea Folks. It is called the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party. Florida is a walk in the park to create a new party– EASY. Try to start a national party in all 50 states. Far easier to simply take over the two parties mentioned above.

  3. paulie Post author

    Radical Idea,

    Given all the warmongering and social conservatism I have seen at Tea Parties, I don’t want them taking over the LP. And the warmongering may be an obstacle with the Constitution Party as well.

    Additionally, many of the Tea Partiers I have talked to were openly hostile to anything other than Republican candidates.

    Limbaugh’s threat (or if you prefer tactic) is an attempt to keep Republicans in line, nothing else. In other words, he doesn’t really mean it. It’s just a way of telling Republicans “we don’t want to be taken for granted.”

    Overall, Republican leaders know that this is not a serious threat, that they can keep scaring Tea Partiers with ooga-booga tales about the Democrats and keep them in line, plus some rhetorical red meat that they never follow through on.

    Any Libertarians thinking the LP will benefit from this are chasing fool’s gold.

    Far better to figure out how to effectively sell the Libertarian message to the 20-something audience, which scores an average of about 80 on social issues and perhaps 50 on economic issues on the Nolan quiz, does not have a firm commitment to a political party, and knows and cares more about peace and civil liberties issues than about economic issues.

    Ron Paul has figured out how to talk to them, so there’s no reason the LP can’t do it.

  4. citizen1

    The problem is that if they do bolt to a third party it probably won’t be a third party but several and will give the Dems back a super majority.

  5. paulie Post author

    That’s only a problem if you think there is a meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans.

  6. NewFederalist

    “That’s only a problem if you think there is a meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans.”

    Right on, brother!

  7. citizen1

    With a super majority in the Senate, Rand Paul be non-factor. The fact that there is opposition slows down the destruction that they cause. So I do see it as a problem. The demise of the Republican Party is not bad. Hopefully enough constitutionalist and libertarian and even others that are antiwar of aggression and proindividual rights candidates could get elected to be an obstacle to the Dems.

  8. paulie Post author

    6 & 13 This should be required viewing for every LP chapter.

    I’ll keep putting it up in more threads, hopefully eventually someone will get the message 🙂

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